Putin Grants Edward Snowden RUSSIAN CITIZENSHIP, WaPo SMEARS Pulitzer Prize Source

Russian President Vladimir Putin granted citizenship to Edward Snowden, the former national security agency contractor who leaked information about secret U.S. surveillance programs. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react. #EdwardSnowden #Russia #Putin

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  1. Uh why Robby is so simple. Russia bad, Putin bad. Why don't you say America is bad, American president is bad, what America is doing around the world IS monstrous actually! Russia is doing what it has to to defend itself.

  2. Putin just clowned all the hardons that can't get over the fact that Snowden exposed their criminal spying on U.S. citizens. Bless Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitrus for playing a part in Snowden's revelations.

  3. ALL countries must be held accountable for WAR CRIMES. The practice now of classifying virtually all documents as government secrets (withheld from the public/media) amounts to tacit "legalization" of crimes against humanity.

    As a check on power, the media is supposed to act as WATCHDOGS checking government actions. The buck stops with us — a "super power" setting the example for others.

    Assange, Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and other whistleblowers shared evidence of government war crimes and abuse of power with media outlets. As is the usual practice, the media chooses whether or not to publish their source information. Except for Assange, has even one head editor of a legacy media outlet/newspaper been convicted for publishing classified information?

    What is the role of media in the right to freedom?

    Freedom of the media is the fundamental right of various forms of media—including print, radio, television, and online media—to operate freely in society without government control, restriction, or CENSORSHIP. "

    — Commission on security and cooperation in Europe , U. S. Helsinki Commission

  4. PRIOR MILITARY EXPERIENCE???? have you done any research ????? Men with zero experience, pulled out of work to join the Russian army. Have a look at a few men talking o. Their phones, dragged onto the buses. Gheeeeesh ! What kind of researchers are you????

  5. Russia is not bad. You can't talk about US government crimes in the same breath and say Russia is bad. Russia gave him citizenship after 9 years of living there and applying for citizenship. Putin did not give him citizenship, the equivalent of State Department in Russia did.

  6. He was right. Lying to the American people about your spying is wrong period. I don't remember us all the green that our communications could be monitored by the government anytime they wanted to and that's what they're doing. Anyone who believes those special courts needs to have their head examined the FBI admitted they had violated that 10,000 times it's a joke.

  7. The reason why Iran, Russia, Korea and Cuba are detrimental to modern civilization; Anywhere else in the world a person trying to tell the truth would have been silenced

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