Putin in Belarus as Russia Plans Offensive; Russia Captures More Bakhmut Positions, Launches Drones

Putin in Belarus as Russian Leadership Plans Offensive; Russia Captures More Ukraine Bakhmut Positions, Launches More Drones
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  1. What nazileski bounty, this clown should not lead the world to triple 3w,challenge yo in DC ,few of you have seen first hand combat, nuland do you copy, respect my file at Langley, i know war breath war,it's a futile attempt to engage Russia ,call me if you need away out Ukrainian people don't need war Ukraine is now within its current configuration ,kiss the Donbass long kiss good night to Russia, peace, holla

  2. Having problems with internet connection? aren,t we all, any not towing the narrative is experiencing high level interferance, as you stated "you can,t be confident of anything! not even sure if this will post and if it does is any oneelse seeing it? as ALL my computer function barely work! not even spell checker!!

  3. I do believe that this unintended consequence was not on the table ( Zelensky's madness) and that is president Zelensky has become so Delusional, and I mean it in the medical sense that he is incoherent, and like Don Quixote fighting in his mind, all these battles that he wins without any basis in realty. All this is the result of his greedy, selfish behavior where he pushed 100000…. of Ukrainian Soldiers to their death, so he could become another Megalomaniac who history will assign to the dust bin……

  4. Isn't that what Ukraine, and its masters in the White House accused Russia of using as a tactic in their war in Ukraine, Hypocrisy is dominating every thing they say, do, and no sign of shame has appeared on their foreheads…….

  5. The United States hasn’t been a net exporter of oil and oil products since World War II. Now, it is on course to become a net exporter next year, with oil and product exports already hitting record highs of 3.4 million bpd and 3 million bpd respectively. USA is projected to replace Russian oil and gas supplies to Europe. USA has planned 5 years ago to replace Europe's oil and gas and cripple Russia's Rosneft and Gazprom.

  6. Russian Rouble Plunges To 7-Month Low As Crude Prices Languish. Relatively low oil prices as well as the $60-a-barrel price cap on Russian oil have pressured the rouble, "If the rouble holds above 65 (which could happen if exporters remain inactive in spite of the looming tax and dividend payments), we could see it move into the 67-70 range before long," SberCIB Investment

  7. Zelensky, and his wife are an enterprise where one falls, the other rise up, all these profitable interviews with Vanity, and the Economist and the rest of the media that could be described as engines of the Empire, and journalism has gone down the drain, because of the lies that were published serves to beautify Zelensky's Image, and the Empire as well in its criminal proxy war…

  8. a blast had ripped through a gas pipeline in central Russia. Citing the Tass news agency, Reuters is now reporting that three people died in the incident. The Chuvashia regional Emergencies Ministry said the pipeline had blown up during planned maintenance work near the village of Kalinino, about 90 miles (150km) west of the Volga city of Kazan. It said the resulting gas flare had been extinguished.

    The pipeline, built in the 1980s, enters Ukraine via the Sudzha metering point; currently the main route for Russian gas to reach Europe.

  9. The head office of the state-owned gas producer Gazprom and its local branch did not immediately respond to Reuters’ requests for comment. Gazprom had said earlier on Tuesday that it expected to pump 43m cubic metres of gas to Europe via Ukraine through Sudzha in the next 24 hours; a volume in line with recent days

  10. The sooner the Ukrainian people rid themselves of the criminals and Nazis that rule over them backed up by US power, the better life will be for them and for the region as a whole. The US plays this filthy and depraved game all over the world which is why it is hated all over the world.

  11. In the bleak midwinter in England……….and Ukraine. Zelensky seems to be going more and more off the rails. Maybe he works himself up into actually believing his bizarre rants. Dangerous. Good summary.

  12. No need to worry about the lighting and the quality of the internet! It all looks perfect to me! Thanks so much for your daily en-depth reports and analysises and the efforts invested. Also to Alex!

  13. Alexander, thank you for another great assessment of the state of the geopolitics! I have to say, this seemingly "shorter" version of your videos is actually quite good both in its contents and in its audience appeal. Also, this "newer" background of the video is actually quite refreshing and modern despite the odd sirens heard from the street. Maybe you should do more videos from here!

  14. Adding infantry to the BTGs makes sense. EVERYBODY that formed early armored formations made them tank heavy based primarily on the works of Fuller. EVERYBODY found they needed more mobile infantry to accompany the tanks. British armored divisions had to "pair up" with infantry divisions in France. Tanks need infantry support to operate in high-threat environments (ATGMs), to hold defense lines, and to properly exploit breakthroughs. Combined arms teams are more flexible. The Germans had pretty rigid TO&E in the panzer divisions, but created kampfgruppes using different elements depending on the mission.

    We learn the lessons of war the hard way. One lesson the Russians appear to have re-learned is the vulnerability of unaccompanied tanks to ATGMs (Israel had to learn that in 1973). Better combined arms and better training should mitigate that problem

  15. I am tuning in to get the latest news from Bakhmut and am disappointed you have nothing 2 say.
    I would have thought you would say something about The President of Ukraine visiting the front line there and giving out medals to the troops thats definitely the action of a dictator and its what you do if the town was in danger …
    Are you not going to discuss the colaps of the Russian line in Lugansk??
    Not wanting to discuss the Russians trapped in the pocket there
    How mysterious 🤔
    Are you an impartial reporter or not ???

  16. all the sampling and the huge protests following Lukashenko's claim he got circa 80% of the vote, show he did not secure anything like that figure. The protests were crushed by force with Putin's support. it is another reason Ukrainians are resisting so hard. They know what losing would mean.

  17. Yajuj Majuj Jinn Dajjal Babylon Rome hedgemon fasad collective west Mallhama Sultun Vladimir Putin Room Costanople Anatolia Moscow Russia Masiah King Christ Esa Palestine Al Asqa superpower rule state

  18. Hysterical crap from Alexander. RF forces actually lost the ground yesterday in Bakhmut that just took them 2 weeks to take. About 800 meters..! RF is still attempting to take the first of 4 lines of defense. This guy's a moron.

  19. Like Scott Ritter said "Polish goverment are insane, they want to start ww3". Ukraine has lost 150.000 men and have only 100.000 or maybe 150.000 left. Russia has high casualities too, i'm not hiding russian casualities but Russian casualities are under 100.000, maybe they are 66.000 like Ukraine said. Russia minimaze its own casualities and maximaze ukrainian casualities. Russia has mobilized 300.000 men, do you know why Poland now is mobilising 200.000 personel? Why do you mobilize if you do not want to go to war? Of course they gonna fight in ukrainian uniforms. I'm highly recomend polish people not to do this! Its not your war, maybe you have children or family, they gonna miss you if you die!

  20. Zelenskyy visited Bakhmut today to see the troops, have lunch and award medals – you said 3 weeks ago Bakhmut was being surrounded then fighting in the street and immanent collapse – today we learn Russia have been pushed back to the rubbish dump on the outskirts – a unit of Spetsnaz has been decimated and Putin says "its difficult"

  21. Putin is going to train some Belarus pilots to fly certain plains with armaments, gave them some s-400's and discussed military and economic cooperation, not much details. Maybe he's laying groundwork for military action or get NATO worked up and keep them wondering.

  22. Ukraine could never be rebuilt by the West in the event it "wins" as the US and UK don't even rebuild their own infrastructure, never mind a third world proxy's. The rubbish and rubble will be with the Ukrainians for a long time and the damage will be permanent

  23. I think you get much better light in that room you are using compared to your usual one, plus you don't have to keep tweaking the computer mouse for light. Hope you get your power problems sorted soon and happy holidays.

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