putin is winning

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putin is winning

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  1. Gee J wonder if the mainstream media losers will pick up on this New York Times story and say what the f*** is going on?

    Germany bus Russia's balls all the time about b***** and they are the leaders in the sanctions along with America and the Uk it's nice to know they're still buying from russia. Wait what? do Hitler's daughters destroying Germany know about this? Lol.

  2. Jackson Hinkle absolutely comes off as a US Reich Wing plant, throwing progressives under the bus to stifle our tiny movement's growth which LITERALLY just allows Corporate Democrats and Reich Wingers to grow in power.

    What a joke.

  3. Why would one supply there enemies that want to kill you? Because they are not enemies they are a family that's killing as the people. Russia owns the most important land left on earth rich with resources and world is investing fully to develop the largest land mass country with 150 million people that consume little and yes full electrification off workers money and industry's and guess who is the extra useless commodity yes you your worthless what do you think they need you for to be rich and smart and have freedom and peace lol . Everday they are treating
    as with new way off killing as in our face and we sit here and let them kill as only when we the people rise up and fight the governments and throw them out we win and that's my side the people not a country or a government.

  4. I don’t think that Putin is winning. I think Russia is doing well what they need to do to protect their country. Putin is a leader like no one else. Russa’s history is filled with immense intellect and neither Napoleon nor the Nazis win a war against them. WWII was won by the USSR! Europeans can thank Russia for being able to be free in Europe! The US with the Hollywood propaganda machine made many war films making as if they won the war! Not even near. Over 26 millions Russian soldiers died for us!

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