Putin just DESTROYED the WEF great reset by doing this | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The Great Reset was handed a major setback thanks to Putin. Trump is under fire his support of vaccines. Serbia just said the unthinkable in Russia.

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Written by Redacted


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  1. I have a theory about Alex Jones. He's this mad scientist from the year 2063 who invented a time machine but got stuck here. When he found he couldn't go back to his time, he got a bit pissed. This accounts for how he seems to know things and why he comes across as so angry. But since he knows all this stuff from history, he decides to tell the world. I mean you can certainly be turned off by his blow-hard persona, but he really comes off like he KNOWS this stuff he goes on about. The fact that again, and again, and again he is proven right should freak you out a bit. Like how DOES he know all this stuff?! At this point, I just take everything he says as truth and wait for the rest of the world to catch up.
    Love your show!

  2. From day 1, O'Biden put America into a Constitutional crisis! He is the criminal, but this is an Alice in Wonderland world right now as Satan reigns over America as Romans 1:18-32 tells us and which leads to a people as Isaiah 5:20 warns as a nation of woe!
    Judgement is upon Europe and America and this shadows Revelation 6 four horseman.

  3. Hum.
    Seems to me they needed to get a mass amt of people "ready" for a cold winter in a powerless frenzy. Wonder if they will just go back to "killer cold" souped up. Claiming it not on the jab.
    This is plans being completed for the powers that be. They have minions!
    Roots go back to the garden.

  4. Why is our Canadian government building an armaria in Winnipeg Manitoba. The plans show a nice room for arms, a detention room, interrogation room and many other rooms for all the people working there. I believe this will be used to control the farmers. People, please wake up.

  5. It’s like living in nazi Germany 1930s I thought we had freedom of speech in this country who is running this country who is the question the politicians aren’t in the people I have no say,,, we live in clown world ,,


  7. I’m not buying into this , if anything the West bungling of the Ukraine war , will hasten the great reset ,
    Like. Covid , Climate Change, the deprivation of resources is another control center.

  8. Re: Changing vaccine rules on YouTube – Big Tech will always value political alignment over truth, whether it be in relation to vaccines or wars, and use their power to silence opposing narratives. Simultaneously with this overt censorship, they will claim they are fundamentally "defending democracy and free speech".

  9. I care not what politicians say. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together should know they say what they think you want to hear and if it isn't, they will change the lie in place of another.
    Like the 1% paradyme of rich over poor, only 1% of politicians don't lie. Even an honest 'Corporate' American President is outnumbered by 99% of his own party, no matter who he is.
    This is why the world knows no peace or fairness.

  10. Oh my Gosh, I am so sorry you both had to go through this! 😔 My dad was in hospital too and we (my mum, brother and I) weren't allowed to visit him!  I can't imagine how it must feel to not be able to say goodbye to a close family member and/or someone you love. IMO,  that's the epitome of cruelty and inhumane!:)

  11. You have to start with Ukraine not complying with the Minsk Agreements.
    There is no concern for the thousands of Russian speaking people killed by Ukraine in the Donbas area before they declared themselves a independent republic no longer part of Ukraine and asked for Putin's help to gain their independence. Where is the morality in any of this is a very good question.

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