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  1. Mr.Putin is by far the most intelligent person sitting in that room. The world knows very little about his vast interest in practically any subject. History, physics, geography, religion – the list goes on and on. Single-handedly achieved a better life for the Russian people by standing up against the whole warmonger. corrupted world. Can you name any world leader who could deliver a vitally important speech and answer questions for standing up on the stage for hours? /I am not a socialist or communist.I detest both./ I am Christian.!

  2. Actually you making Biden the clown look good by reiterated that he beg countries to attend US summit but it more like Blinken blackmail countries by use sanctions as a threat to get countries to attend their summit to watch Biden the clown put on a show for them

  3. Mr. J. Hinkle U Mentioned President A. Lincoln, he was the Best President happened in this country (u.s.a.) he had the highes Moral that ever lead this country long ago. This is the Speech yet I have ever heard with the Level of the most highes Value. Soaring above all others, for others are only base and empty. Mr. Jackson Hinkle You too is very intelligent young man. God Bless You Sir, and have a healthy long life.

  4. President Vladimir Putin Sir, This Generation and in this Century and many many more Generation that are to come, and people Around the World will Remember You Not Only as the Greatest President of Great Russia, but also a Great Philosopher and Spiritual great man.

  5. Music too loud. wakes up the wife!
    Anyhow, what a speech from President Putin. thanks Hinkle and I applaud you for your patience dealing with some of your sadly very uninformed viewers. LOL
    "A symphony of human civilization" – nice

  6. He’s doing a fantastic job of exposing the west’s narcism, sociopathic actions in a way that creates transparency like we’ve never seen. “The unravelling of cancel culture annihilating growth”…… etc etc
    This is clever and strategic just as we would expect from a world leader. I can’t say I’m not shocked….. this is what I’ve personally been waiting for for a very long time. This is what I call Courage.

  7. people from my country just learned of the involvement of the west in our politics and how they engineered the coup in the 1980s because they were unhappy with the policies of the administration during such time. Our politics turned for the worst after that and we never saw real development until Pres. Duterte came into power. We now understand why the west seem to have obsession to paint our president negatively as evident in their MSM reports. We are glad to be drifting away from the western influence but I know they will not let us go easily. Its scary what they can do.. just like in ukraine. while current times seem dire, I am looking forward to a multipolar world.

  8. If you want to really understand what the WOKE is, how they think, what they believe in and why they behave like they do, go to the YOUTUBE site NEW DISCOURSES. They explain it all so thoroughly and so intelligently that you will finally totally understand the insanity at Twitter, Facebook and the whole WOKE left.

  9. Wow. What an inspiring, intelligent speech. Genuine question…isn’t there significant censorship in Russia though? Let’s not forget that Obama was an amazing orator and we KNOW what went down on his watch.

  10. It is good to listen to the speech with you stopping to comment every now and then. You are both so "based" – not quite sure what it means, but I can guess. One thing I specially picked out, is that you both distinguish (or discriminate) between westerners who respect their own traditions (and other nations' traditions), and westerners who do not. I suppose the same could happen in any nation – that it is governed by Globalists who want to operate from a "tabula rasa" like invading Roman Emperors, and about half the governed go along with this so as to get crumbs from the Globalist table. The Globalists want both their own nation, and any nation they are eyeing greedily, to be a "tabula rasa". It assists conquest of the markets, not just military conquest. But the other half of the governed (and some of them may have made it into the corridors of power but are regretting it) are dismayed by this Year Zero form of communism/capitalism/….ism.
    As you point out (and Mr Putin did not, but he implied it through his cultural references which he thanked his researchers for), some communism can be very conservative, culturally, and can act to preserve national culture by maintaining its borders well. It is obvious that the Globalists have been hell bent on breaching Russia's borders since the collapse of the Iron Curtain, which formed a rather good border – though it was perhaps a little too solid because no-one could get out.
    Was Russia supposed to just sit there and let it happen? Already, signs of western liberalism were creeping into the youth culture, and we in the west have found out the hard way just how deadly that can be. In a way it is worse than military conquest – it is certainly harder to resist because it is entertaining and tempting.
    Finally, I must thank Mr Putin for the reference to Alexander Zinoviev. I had never heard of him, but it seems that like Solzhenitsyn he started out by criticising Stalin and ended up also criticising parallel tendencies that he noticed in the "Free West", to his dismay. Indeed he could be described simply as an anti-Globalist, joining a minority of "early birds" right round the world (some of them repentant ex-Globalists) who had spotted what the most acute problem of the 21st century was going to be.

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