Putin, Kiev pullout killed peace deal. Sweden shuts down NS investigation. Musk makes hit list. U/1

Putin, Kiev pullout killed peace deal. Sweden shuts down NS investigation. Musk makes hit list. U/1
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  1. If there was even a shred of evidence that Russia was responsible in regards to the pipeline, it would have been all over the main stream media everywhere in an instant, and a call for, you guessed it, more sanctions.. hang on, there's nothing else to sanction is there? Lol.

    Yes, the Russians do possess the tech to disrupt starlink, and I think they didn't target it up until now because as not to hurt Ukrainian civilians, just like they left other infrastructures intact up until now, but that's only my view, I could be wrong. Speaking of technology, the Russians also have an electronic warfare device aboard specific helicopters that has a range of up to 400km. There was an interesting picture I seen, of a laser type beam shooting up into the sky from one of Russia's main cities, can't remember where though. The Russians obviously posses some very high tech weapons that haven't been used thus far, not until now, and some yet to be seen, if they'll ever be needed that is.

  2. About electric grid someone here from journalist analysed the strikes. They were precise (destroying specific electric devices managing electricity), but also they were hitting only plants producing no more than 330 kW. So they were deliberately accurate to not turn off all of the Ukraine at least it seems so.

  3. Oh yeah the same conference when he was told off by the neighbours to stop calling them ex soviet countries and that he is not investing in Those states but only threat them as a labours force this conference? Yes quiet a blow to Putin I have to say def weakening position of Ruzz in Asia! I enjoyed it I have to say. 😂

  4. Look, folks, Nato started the war in Ukraine, Russia will put an end to it when it feels like, not one country on this planet is able to stop Russia from doing anything. wait it out, watch, enjoy. Nazis will always be Nazis, thugs will always be thugs. Maybe it´s high time to let them go, for good ? No pity for the arrogant, degenerate, filthy-rich West ! Nothing new under the sun, just the Devil at it, FFS ! Let us not forget the United Satanic America is fallen by design ! Now everybody needs to watch their back, they are all traitors, no honor among the thieves ! Greetings from Nicaragua ! I am back as I survived the relentless attack of no internet, no money, no honey. So my glorious counteroffensive to fetch a dollar or euro is actually materializing, full throttle, lol. Here a one-armed Bullship Fighter in the tropical jungle of Nicaragua trying to raise some funds to win this bizarre war. I am disabled and without a pension and tragically enough cannot land a job despite my high education, a BA in English and Spanish Philology. Do you have any money surplus or a job I could do to make a living, please ? The only way to receive any money down here in Nicaragua is either through a bank transfer or cheaper Western Union or Moneygram. I would travel and pick up the cash in Managua, the capital. Can you support my noble cause to want to live, not lost ?

  5. as the leader of Russia, Putin's even a better representative of the interests of the German people right now than any German Member of Parliament — let alone the Administration, the ruling power structure.

  6. The Nordstream pipelines were insured against losses surely. Cannot the insurers force an investigation into the causes of the damage both of the infrastructure and the environment?

  7. 14:00 Pulling out of a strategical position, before the deal is even concluded, seems pretty fishy to me; apparently Russia still have not learned their lesson from the betrayal by the West, when the Soviet Union left Eastern Europe! No, I am convinced that people in Russia are not that naive, to commit such a silly blunder!

  8. The way they reversed course and scuttled the peace deal reminds me of WW2 where Chamberlan came back and said "I have in my hand the signature of Hitler to stop agression". Only to be double crossed. The NAZI habbits have not changed to this day.

  9. This will be harsh statement from me but it should be done:
    Russia needs to destroy all energy sector and electricity grid and recent built logistics in ukraine
    Just to send msg that this will be ukraine future is war not stopped

  10. Putin has been buy issuing warnings since the beginning of the war. Nobody seems to give it much thought as I've been promised to get nuked several times over already. Makes me think Putin just might be another useless politician with nothing but empty promises damnit! Where's the bear?

  11. "9/11" sends its regards to the Twin Pipelines.
    if you and Mercouris were Germans, I doubt you'd ask the tough questions going deep enough to tackle the problem accordingly. you'd stop on a certain entertainment level that wouldn't get you into trouble. you can't go ever the edge where it begins to really matter, where the fight actually takes place.

  12. Russia has no need to use tactical n weapons, the forces they have now are sufficient to hold the lines against counter attacks, their mobilized forces will then move to the offense. From what I read, Russia will split Ukraine in half and Kharkov, Nikolayia, and Odessa will be taken. They will leave the western part for the jackals of Poland and whoever else wants part of it, however they will remain mobilized to ensure they get no backlash when the sh*t show starts. From what we hear the US has no more tangible weapons to send. So the conclusion is……if the US wants Ukraine to remain intact they will have to 1. Send in US and NATO forces into Ukraine to stop the Russians, or 2. they will have to use tactical N weapons. The third option is negotiate, which may be happening behind the scenes but it seems to me Russia now holds all the cards. So, major escalation or negotiation, those are the only options. I am an American, I do not see our country having the stomach to mobilize because that would be required, so tactical Ns' are looking more and more likely. We are entering an economic crisis, could war be the answer to pull us out? The problem is once that shooting starts, where does it end? If the US cannot accept a multi polar world thenWW3 is upon us.

  13. What else can you expect from the child murderer Ukraine?
    Poroshenko and Ukraine take pride in their evil activities.
    USA has to be the most evil country. They have been thoroughly exposed.

  14. I believe, that it's high time that Putin starts nuking Europe. Destroying such a famous painting for the environment. When you haven't even the gas to commit sepuku. Europe and it's crazies are doomed. Make an early end to it now mr. Putin, pls

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