Putin Lays Out Demands To End War

There is very little question about what Vladimir Putin’s stated objectives are in invading Ukraine – he has made clear Russia’s demands in terms of Ukrainian neutrality and resolution of the disputed Donbas region. Ukrainian president Zelensky, likely at NATO’s urging, has so far rejected these demands, however, and as a result the war will likely continue for some time to come.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss the prospects of a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine crisis.

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  1. As Marx said it, history repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a farce. Here is the new Walter Duranty doing propaganda for the new Joseph Stalin, the farce edition.

  2. ”Zelensky should accept them and we should move on” I doubt the Ukrainian people would respect or agree with him if he accepted those terms. If Russia demanded to dictate which areas of Finland should be independent and which should not and wanted to take a part of our country, which they have already done in the past, the Finnish people would fight back as they should. You are oversimplifying this situation.

  3. One can find the liveliest and deepest debates in the comments sections of this channel. Almost all the comments recycle a limited number of "ideas". There are the ones about how they come here to find the truth because the big bad media lies (maybe with some light metaphore). Then we have the ones about how we got to the point we come to a comedian for information (there is neither information, nor comedy here though). Then we have the how about Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen comments. Oil. Aaron Mate is super is another one. Jimmy is telling the truth, OMG what's gonna happen to Jimmy is always popular. There you have it, 99% of the comments in one.

  4. There are factions in the United States that is working for the destruction of the United States. Ukraine government isn't much different from the United States or Russia. Stop the killing!

  5. It was russia who backed the separatists after crimea annexion and minsk though!!

    Russias demands are the status quo before the invasion! Minus seperatists regions.

    What about the budapester Memo??

    Putin is raping Ukraine before our eyes and they should surrender and just go with it, bc it hurts less and in the end it was Ukraines fault, because they had a skirt on. That's your logic man.

    Putin will stop when HE wants to stop. Because we are weak and divided chair farting freedom spoiled bitches. He would have taken the whole of Ukraine and we would have done nothing, if Ukrainians hadn't resisted!!! Although we signed the contracts to do so. The Budapest memo was a security assurance which is basically a defensive alliance.

    Technically we should have declared war with russia after the crim invasion. But no. And who believes NATO would save the baltic states or anything in EU now?? I wouldn't be sure anymore.

  6. Imagine seeing a larger more powerful country invade its smaller neighbor in an illegal war where it's killing innocent people on a daily basis, saying "you know this could all be over if you just give us what we want, you clearly don't want this to end do you, you can end this jus say the word. Jus change your constitution to say what we demand and we'll stop murdering your people" and thinking yea the good guy here is deff the larger nation. Who does the smaller country think they are.

  7. I love how this creep frames the donbas conflict as poor woman and children who are so disturbed by the coup that they stand up and declare themselves non ukrainan and for 8 years the Ukrainian govt has just been raining down hellfire of these people. Shelling there houses and schools. And not what it really is, Russian backed separatist injected into an area of Ukraine to carve it away from the country it belongs to and deliver it to Russia. Russian separatist that control much of donbas are responsible for shooting down a civilian airliner killing 278 me woman and children

  8. now since 2005 Ukraine was shelling? How does it feel to be Kremlin’s asset, Jimmy.
    The amount of misinformation in this one video is just outrageous. Investigate Igor Girkin (Strelkov) russian militant group, who was the reason for the Donbas situation.
    Also: UKRAINE WILL NEVER accept putin’s demands. This is not about Zelensky. It’s about Ukrainian people.

  9. This is pro-Putin propaganda of the highest order. What the fuck… children are losing their homes and dying because of this INVASION. It's inconceivable that anyone would try to justify Putin's malicious intent; he's a man who kills journalists, poisons spies, jails and exiles opponents, suppresses the LGBTQI community, and has the blood of innocent people on his hands. He even bombed a goddamn maternity hospital this morning and people are stuck under the rubble! Where is JD's outrage towards that?

  10. good thing we got MSM to think for us, otherwise we might be susceptible to serious bout of cognitive dissonance after seeing headlines like "Putin demands …….Ukraine signal readiness for talks" juxtaposed against "Ukraine has killed 12,000 Russians in first 2 weeks of war"

  11. It's not that tough of a spot Aaron, He's making bank off our wise leaders And the nazis aren't going to kill him!
    Notice He's shutdown journalists, he's selling his out and he's all in

  12. Glad Jimmy has Aaron Mate for the finer context. All this said, Putin could have gone into those conflicted areas, but he had the Russian army go into greater Ukraine. Also, Putin clearly said he was not going to invade the nation, and then he drops the Russian army into Ukraine. Putin isn’t any more an honest player than anyone else. If Ukraine accepted his every demand, he would make up something else to keep his troops there. If Putin wants change, he should leave, or at the very least resign Russian troops to the specific areas he identified as separatist. I understand Jimmy’s points, but stop painting Putin as some innocent leader responding to provocations. He is former KGB. Not trusting that bareback brother as far as I can thrown him.

  13. "We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions." -AH

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