Putin Lays Out How U.S. Caused Its Own Inflation Crisis

Vladimir Putin has been widely accused of responsibility for the economic woes of the West but he pointedly does not agree. In a recent address the Russian leader explained how flagrant overprinting of money by both the US and the EU and subsequent excessive spending abroad is much more to blame for rising prices than anything he and the Russian government could have done.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how much more sophisticated Putin’s analysis is compared to what most American politicians deliver.

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  1. Ignorant neo liberals like that scumbag Russiagate liar Zachary Shahan at CleanTechnica who censors people, blame Putin for invading Ukraine, even though the USA provoked Russia to invade Ukraine, but say nothing about the US invading Iraq based on lies, illegally occupying 1/3 of Syria and stealing their oil, and printing the dollar excessively and increasing inflation. This high level of ignorance is common with corporate establishment sellout Democrats.

  2. The USA provoked Russia to invade Ukraine by pushing for Ukraine to join NATO, after Russia made it clear that Ukraine must remain neutral and free of US military bases and weapons. Only an absolute moron would think that the US didn't provoke Putin to invade Ukraine.

  3. Economic collapses in competitive markets are due to the fostering and engendering of negative emotional behaviors stemming from vanity, secrecy, coercion, corruption, anxiety, despair and chance. Wall Street booms and busts not on hard science but on whim and fancy alone. Healthy people and societies do not use competitive self-determination to define freedom and would never operate this way. A competitive market is not a free market because being free means being free of compulsory vanity, secrecy, coercion, corruption, anxiety, despair and chance. If you think capitalists can do business without using one or more of these compulsions, you are deluded. Beware because this then leads to full blown neurosis! Ouch!!!

  4. If printing money out of nowhere has no consequences , everyone would do it , and the money will lost the value , thats what inflation is , money losing its value. The U.S printed money and bought shit , if I do that I'm a criminal .

  5. Putin's speeches are intelligent, long and very detailed. He covers the points and issues and then takes questions which he responds to in detail. Biden appears as a demented, shouty old duffer who should be in a care home.

  6. Do you see, now, why it is important to have a president who is well educated in macroeconomics–like Putin? Do you see, now, why Jerome Powell and Janet Yellin should be fired? Do you see, now, why Oligarchs and their cronyism greed should not be running the USA? Fake Democracy and Crony Capitalism have handed our enemies the world, and made the USA and authoritarian state which has abandoned the bill of rights…making enemies of the people, for the people, by the people. The US Government has become the extremists.

  7. People need to understand, Putin is patriotic. He loves his country. He came from a poor family, he was a poor boy, his parents were poor. Whatever he did was motivated by improving his country. Sure he may be the richest person on Earth. He is rich, no world leader is poor, comparing to leaders in the WEST and EU who love nothing but themselves even if that means destruction of their own countries. Russia is multicultural. They have Muslim states and territories within Russia. They also protect their natives/tribes. His policy has always been Russia first. That same policy is RACIST in the WEST and EU.

  8. We are so unfamiliar with someone putting things into context and painting the bigger picture, we automatically assume Putin is some kind of big brain mastermind manipulator. All his speeches so far shows he’s a lot closer to the truth. People really need to read more.

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