Putin MOCKS Biden, West For ‘Putin’s Price Hike’ | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to a speech delivered by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin at a conference where he mocked Joe Biden and the west for blaming inflation on him

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  1. You guys need to stop pushing the MSM/ State department narrative surrounding The Ukraine war 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤡🤡, you guys were already dead wrong about inflation, and you were dead wrong in your reporting surrounding Russia/ Ukraine war. How can you guys claim to be the alternative to MSM and claim you are "combing" through the fake news for us ….when all you guys do is repeat MSM/ establishment talking points.

  2. "its elites are dancing to someone else's tune, harming their own population. Europeans and European businesses real interests are totally ignored and swept aside" sounds pretty accurate. not sure I would describe this as "cocky"

  3. wonder what its like doing all the do goodery and extra credit and debate team and all that just to become bidens goofy a$$-second half-first term press sec. talmbout Putins price hike phew not me bro

  4. Hmmm….being that what Biden has done has increased the value of the ruble more than any other time if this was trump they’d say it was intentional to help his bro Putin. So what’s the response from MSM when Biden is fellating Putin and his economy? 🦗 🦗 🦗

  5. The issue is, that a lot of people are too lazy to think and Putin price hike is catchy. Some rappers will sing about it tomorrow I am sure. It most definitely is more catchy than lets say a Mohammed bin Salman price hike. Nobody will sing a song about our closest friends, right?

  6. The whole “sanctions didn’t hurt Russia” narrative is incredibly shortsighted and misinformed. Russia has no access to advanced manufacturing. None. Zero. They are already resorting to using weapons from WW1 and scavenging chips from household electronics for military use. Russia is fine today. In 10 years, they’ll be completely crippled by microchip and machinery shortages, even if they find a new supplier literally today.

  7. Krystal….a reference to a ”double edge sword” is not “obviously a threat” by Putin. The idiom refers to trying to hurt another with the front sword edge (sanctions), but hurting yourself with the back edge (financial and commodity market chaos, supply chain disruptions and currency devaluation/inflation). He’s right on that point.

  8. Nobody can understand why Moscow 🇷🇺 supports separatists in eastern Ukraine instead of helping to build a nice NATO base there…🇪🇺🇺🇸🤔😉

  9. What gives you the impression that Russian opposition is against special military operation?! 🤣

    Navalny is not an opposition party in Russia, but an opposition to Russia and Russians know it.
    Feel free to listen to actual opposition parties where they called for far more anti-western actions.

    Again, I can't stress this enough!
    Paying a junky to run a couple of performances with high visibility in western media does not translate into mainstream politician in Russia.
    It does in Ukraine, but not in Russia.

  10. We had years of the US media and US politicians pointing at Russia and China and saying that they pose a clear and present threat to the US. Yet, no effort was made to ensure other lines of trade for those goods and resources critical to our society and our economy.

    At best, these politicians are incompetent. But most of them are graduates of Ivy League schools. So, that explanation seems unlikely. What is far more likely is that they did this on purpose – which makes them traitors and economic terrorists.

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