Putin Renews NUCLEAR THREATS Vs NATO, Orders Partial Mobilization Of 300K+

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the partial mobilization of roughly 300,000 reservists in Russia amid several setbacks in its invasion of Ukraine. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss. #Russia #Putin #Ukraine

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  1. Ukraine army has been sending missiles into the Russian controlled nuclear power plant, which could lead to a nuclear accident. If they hit one of the nuclear reactors, causing devastation in Eastern Ukraine( which is full of ethnic Russians), then Russia will react by using tactical nuclear weapons against Ukrainian army and cities. It will quickly escalate into Europe and America, and we will all be fxxxxx.

  2. The True King of kings Lord of Lords who will look up and say come all ye fowls of the sky come and feast on the supper of the Lord feast on the flesh of kings captains sergeants and the horses they ride on

  3. I see we're getting to the part of our foreign meddling where our proxy beat the "enemy". Now it's almost time for our proxy to open its borders for some terrorist training camps and groups. Just the natural progression as noted in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, shall I go on?

  4. Bill Clinton and the Global Clinton Initiative are coming on board??? Awesome!! World Peace is just around the corner!! Thank you, Thank you!! Bill, play us a Saxophone solo now, maybe some Fleetwood Mac? "Go Your Own Way"

  5. Western media you guys are a very dangerous guys you keep telling lies up to any day nuclear flow on your head that day you will tell truth just keep telling lies and subvertizing Russia 🇷🇺

  6. Future generations will judge NATO very harshly. Nations have nukes for existential crises, & NATO is presenting one. End NATO aggression. Putin tried to negotiate but western leaders refused. We should've listened to Prof. John Mearsheimer. 🕊

  7. Robby it takes two to end it.

    Also, you can’t have a completely weak spine on a nation solely because they have nuclear weapons.

    Otherwise those will be the only countries that exist.
    Especially with two being very expansionist.

    And cornering the market for their commodities.

  8. In regards to protestors, Imagine being asked to fight in war you thought you were on the wrong side of? I don’t know how that’s going to do more than create cannon fodder. And sure cannon fodder has its uses strategically. But it’s still pretty sad to lose your life as cannon fodder for something you didn’t believe in

  9. “Russia should get something.” Remind me again why should Russia get to keep land they stole from a sovereign country? Is that’s what he meant.
    Russia should get gradual reduction of sanctions. Anything above that seems to be rewarding expansionist who act on tendencies to invade sovereign territory.
    What Ukraine has to give up should under no circumstances be greater that what Russia has to give up since they are the factual, indisputable invaders

  10. Clinton, Obama, Kissinger, Albright and folks you have never heard of started warning about what Russia and China were going to do 8 years ago. The west did zip nada etc. Leftists rolled their eye and laughed even at Obama
    Now here we are. We could have prevented all this

  11. Sophmoric comentary, Briana and Robby.
    Y'all ever heard of neo liberalism?
    Ever considered its the US who wants this war?
    Do you know what proxy means?
    This segment needs to be revisisted and corrected.. PLS

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