Putin Says Sanctions DECLARATION OF WAR, Shifts To China | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the comments by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin about the sanctions imposed by the west as he looks towards China for an economic boost

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  1. The elephant in the room…………..lets just take the iraq example out of the 20 plus countries the USA has invaded over the last 50 years, leaving death and destruction that is truly unparelled . Lets see over 100 thousand innocent citizens slaughtered; total infrastructure annihilation. The excuses given for the invasion of this sovereign nation were proven outright lies and disinformation and the MSM cheer leaded it from start to finish. Where were the sanctions on the USA?…….where were the trillions of pictures of dead and dying civilians………where was the outrage; where was the demonization, hatred, international condemnation. America is allowed to invade whoever they like, slaughtering 100's of thousands in the process…….but……..apparently putin cant invade a former part of his own country while ukraine goes on killing citizens in donetsk and neighboring provinces (14,000) in the last 8 years)…………and you brainwashed sheeple keep banging on about how evil putin/russia is?……..really????……………i mean really?????????????????????

  2. I get much of the US has blinders when it come to the goals of the CCP. But the analysis on China – especially the insinuation that it wants to be a positive force – absurdly naive.

  3. laughable saagar, if china stopped exports to the USA, there would be virtually nothing left on americas shelves in a month or two. Your hero obama sold out just about all manufacturing, across the board to china and is on record saying that it would be impossible to bring them back………i'm staggered you don't seem to recognise just how much of america china owns (apart from congress) and how utterly dependent america is on chines made goods

  4. Why are you omitting that the US has already crippled the Chinese? The chip ban, to which the USA would immediately respond militarily, was the sign. They never march into Taiwan, they just have to wait until all the planned chip fabs are up and running and there is no longer any dependency. Will the US still be "interested" in Taiwan? And do you really think China trusts the US? Their CIPS will now grow and all BRI countries will join.

  5. Wow Krystal and Saager you are very bullish about your mighty dollar, the beginning of the end for your "Financial Architecture" is underway as no Central Bank in the world can ever trust you wont do the same to them. You hope that China is a "good actor in all of this"; they know that your government is a bad actor in all of this and it's conveniently calling on them to keep Russia in check (not happening, they see right through America's hypocrisy). It's comforting to know that your so-called "Independent Media" status does not disincline you from the exceptionalism and hegemonic bravado that comes with your Americanism.

  6. DiDi? That’s a ride hailing service. Tencent with WeChat pay would be a payment service like Alipay. Both are similar to PayPal or Venmo. Just scan a QR code and pay.

  7. Stop lying we cannot destroy China 🇨🇳 China buys all of our debt so stop it . We are a nation in decline . Everyone gets a turn . I love our country but we’re not dipped in holy water 💦 you guys are becoming CNN where do you get the bulk of your money ?

  8. This war is the end of the American super state. The end of American globalism. The USA must accept this reality. But the USA could have controlled this break down. But American arrogance prevented clear thinking.

  9. It’s very bad when a command economy like China expands its currency into other countries. The USSR had very negative effects of state controlled exchange rates and effectively isolated their economy from the global economy. Everyone loses from a fractured global economy.

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