Putin Says This Is Most Dangerous Decade Since WW2 (I Agree)

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  1. I personally never disclaimer when talking to others about Putin. I am not so sure he is even a "bad dude" as you say. He is rational and measured and has served the people of Russia well. We in the U.S. would be far better off if our so called "leaders" acted like Putin. END THE FED. Gold is money.

  2. The west is near the end of its cycle… soon an emerging power will precede it and that is looking more like China, Russia, etc.

    This is just part of history. The Dutch, the British, then after Breton Woods, it was the US. We are currently seeing our nations decline. What a time to be alive

  3. Well Putin certainly doesn't mince words. Does he think he is going to choke out the west because he and his friends control oil (middle east)? We'll I guess we'll always have conflict with that attitude. Energy 2.0 for western nations must kick in as quickly as possible. No one solution will be take lead but a combination of everything. Nuclear, Renewals, LNG, Hydrogen and so on. Electric drive trains does need to take over though. When the west no longer has a need for oil, I guess Russia and the rest can go suck an egg. I guess we'll see who wins out. Either Russia and oil baron's bulling or the Western nations ingenuity and innovation. I got my money on the West.

  4. Putin's enemy is the globalist deep state. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. USA told Russia NATO would not expand. USA got involved in Ukraine first, Russia responded. Who started it?

  5. 100%!!
    How many innocent civilians died during the US Iraq invasion? How about Afghanistan? That’s just naming two countries.
    Gave up my right to vote years ago. Did not feel like hiding in a booth to vote against the person hiding in the booth next to me busy voting against me. There is no dignity in this especially knowing that, by the nature of the business, most politicians will end up corrupt. The system is perfectly setup to have us backstabbing one another and going nowhere.
    As Plato stated, the Democratic one vote per person system is doomed to fail. He saw it then and here we are.

  6. To all the 🐑 suffering Putin derangement syndrome- go get your booster now because you are clearly weak in the mind.
    Whole Ukraine situation was created by America.
    And to those of you with your own mind- you likely already know Putin is the best leader on earth right now.
    Your best future will be outside America and the "west" going forward from this point in time.

  7. You have a strange thinking money man , dying from The cold in Europe will very far different that dying in Ukraine blown to pieces if your lucky , many are tortured and thrown into mass graves, I hope you will negotiate california with putin when he points nuke in your direction…the west and America wants peace , putin started this he us counting on people like you , to say such nonsense, you may rethink your options if it was America land and people you had to hand over to mad evil putin …

  8. George, you are 100% a Putin (Rasputin) and its criminal Russian government supporter ( I want to make it clear I have the highest respect for the Russian ordinary people) every week, you make excuses for this X KPG thug maniac!

  9. I have many comments. Not sure how many I can get in. First) thanks you for your effort to get the truth out. There are many people out there that are asleep. Second) Our friends in the economic west are at a much greater disadvantage energy wise than even we are. Third) Political landscape being what it is, we are leaderless and have little hope of common sense solutions. George -Keep up the your education efforts but propaganda we have been exposed to is very powerful.

  10. Recommend watching Oliver Stone's documentaries Ukraine on fire and revealing Ukraine. Another good one is the Putin interviews to get some perspective on who Putin is.

  11. Hmm.. @Rebel Capitalist, If I'm not mistaking, Ukraine's military has had countless FF attacks killing Ukranians. This is pretty well known to the Ukrainan communities that were attacked.

  12. Russians being inherently evil sounds like a lazy religious arguement. God has given us free will. So I would argue that if someone is inherently evil they can choose to be good, and conversely someone who is inherently good can choose to be evil.
    Thanks George and rebel crew

  13. George, with respect you need to brush up on the history of Ukraine and the systematic killing of THOUSANDS of innocent people since the US led coup in 2014, and deliberate provocation of Putin by war hungry MIC , check out 'the Duran' channel by Alex Christoforu for daily updates of whats "really" going on and being buried by the corporate owned western media.

    You should go on their podcast !

  14. @George, you may change your position or perception if a person were to review the actions of the west in the region say since 2013 to present and interview actual people who live there.

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