Putin Tells The World He Is Invading Ukraine To Stop Nazism


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  1. Putin is correct again. Klaus Schwab is the head of the World Economic Forum, and a head of the Nazi New World Order. Think the Nazi regime disappeared after WW2? Follow the family tree of Robert Mueller. What happened to Heinrich Mueller, the head of the Gestapo secret police and the highest-ranking Nazi never to have been captured or located.

  2. When russia was on our borders in Cuba we freaked .now Puton doesn't want liberal nato at its borders .this war could of been avoided if Nato promised to not let ukraine in its gang.the blood is on nato and bidon .

  3. On September 29 and 30, 1941, more than 33,000 Jews were executed in the Babi Yar ravine near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv – one of the largest mass murders in the Holocaust. Still lots of Nazis and cowards descendents, many are openly white supremacist and neo nazi

  4. Russia actually is fighting Neo Nazis as a significant part of the Ukraine political power structure and military are Azov Battalion and Movement. So he is playing up the Ukrainian Neo Nazis to gain support. He is playing it up but he is actually being honest. Russia is fighting Ukraine Nazis.. Look it up.

  5. Putin is strong and unafraid Of Biden.
    Brandon is a weak, dementia- ridden crook.
    Our President Trump Is a big-balled STUD, who Believes in:
    Twice- baked potato 🥔 is a disgrace.. I personally do Not blame Putin for striking now,

  6. After seeing how the Canadian government has become so corrupted in the freedom convoy and how the USA Biden administration is destroying it's country,
    How can u still trust NATO??? Also EU has became rotten and corrupted like USA and Canada.
    NATO is already a piece of tool used by evil and corrupt USA, Canada and EU countries.

  7. That is so hypocritical is Biden and his handlers, Obama, Zoros etc are Davos Insurrectionists plotting the overthrow of the USA and turning its sovereignty over to a global government run by China. Which is worse. Russia invading the Ukraine or Biden/Zoros and the Davos Insurrectionists releasing a bioweapon virus on the world and plotting to crash the US dollar and force us into a global government?
    They have ZERO credibility and are far more evil and threatening to the American people than Russia ever could dream of being.

  8. NATO and USA open 11 new military bases in East Europe (Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).
    USA even has a military base in Cuba. And USA and UK are already building NATO naval military base in Ukraine.
    Of course this will anger Russia. The USA forbids Russia to have it's forces near the USA BUT the USA and NATO
    are constantly increasing NATO military bases around Russia's doorstop! The USA and NATO are provoking Russia
    by building more and more military baes to surround Russia but Russia is not allowed to to do the same. Of course it is not acceptable
    and is a threat to Russia and Putin has to repel this threat. The war now is not started by Russia but by the USA and NATO.
    See the REAL picture who is really the evil ones – USA and NATO.

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