Putin threatens to reject UN-brokered grain deal at Eastern Economic Forum | DW News

We begin The Day with a president looking east. Vladimir Putin hosted the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia’s port city of Vladivostok today. It was an attempt to find new allies and firm up existing friendships – as Moscow turns to Asia in the face of unprecedented Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

At the same time, he began to burn whatever bridges were still left with the West. In a bellicose appearance, Putin threatened to turn his back on the UN-brokered grain deal, cut off energy supplies to Europe and insisted that despite economic pressure and terrible losses on the battlefield – his country was doing…just fine!


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  1. Lost nothing… only yesterday Russia lost nearly 1000 soldiers in Ukraine.Wt a lier man.The economy it will sink in next 2 years for Russia. Russia Gdp over 1 trillion last year and EU and US combine nearly 50 trillions .China 1
    7 trillions.Japan 5 trillion.

  2. Asia is a mostly poor country, and Russia has nothing to gain. Russia's lives are based on European and the United States. Russia can sell cheap gas to them but it doesn't cover the cost of Russia's economy.

  3. Do Russians get this information? Seriously, how can they not rise up? Russia is not doing fine! 50,000 Russian casualties is not fine!
    Wiping out an entire generation of Russians? Is fine? What planet does he live on. Putin has lost his mind!

  4. Russia may be doing fine but Putin is not. he looks sick and under stress. he is begging for help from NK and Iran. he made a big mistake. it will bring him down. even Russians don't like losers.

  5. Russia is a huge country, 11 time zones,huge amount of oil, gas, coal, minerals like Ni, Cr, W, Ti, Fe, Cu. 150M people, have the basic technologies, but lacking in semis, etc. Trade surplus. China, India and Brazil can supply consumer stuff, electronics, etc. Difficult to defeat in the war.

  6. "Cut off energy to Europe" Turkstream is the only major natural gas pipeline from Russia still running to Europe. So go ahead turn it off. Destroy what is left of your natural gas industry.

  7. West is bankrupt of morality and insane to steal the grain which is meant to the poor countries. If Russia soldiers are killed so are the enemies even more as this is normal in war. The media from West try to hard to demonize Putin but fail because Putin is a man strong mentally and intelligent unlike the weak minded Western politicians. The east people see him as a savior for humanity.

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