Putin Threatens Use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS & Mobilizes Military Sparking PANIC, WW3 Fears Escalate

Putin Threatens Use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS & Mobilizes Military Sparking PANIC, WW3 Fears Escalate. Biden Hits Back As US Warns It Will Strike Russia Directly If They use Nukes.

Russia is mobilizing 300,000 troops as 4 regions in Ukraine are set to vote to join Russia. Russia is moving to annex these regions and in the West it is viewed as a sham election and propaganda.

Meanwhile the Pope restates his warning that WW3 has begun.

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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. You site the Pope Tim? The Communist Pope? When he says we, he does not mean him and the Vatican with their giant walls. The hypocrit. He signs a deal with China while one of his Bishops is being tortured by the CCP, changes the bibles words and calls Jesus a sinner and he says NOTHING. I, personally, would not be reciting the Pope's lies to make a point. HE IS A LIAR!!!

  2. My cousin is in the navy. He works on an attack sub out of Los Angeles. I spoke with him yesterday and all he could tell me was that he leaves port this week (maybe left already) to a classified location.

  3. I think your INCORRECT the way you summarize the war in Ukraine. "The REDACTED", on YouTube did a more realistic 15 minute segment on Putin and Russia and why they're there. I've been telling everyone I can about what they just said. In short, the US and NATO have been throwing a monkey-wrench into the whole affair it started there. Russia is only there to HELP the people and that Ukraine has been abusing, bombing, torturing, killing. Its all documented but no news covers it until just today.

    Do your own research. Look up "Kiev Independence Day Parade Flaunts Artillery and Armor: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 71)" on YouTube for a start. It's one of over 100 short episodes. Oliver Stone did a documentary called "Ukraine On Fire". Both of these were made between 2014-2016.

    Please help spread the word that not all is as you seen on TV

  4. The US shouldn’t be involved in this war. US military aggression and coercion BENEFITS THE RICH. They don’t send THEIR kids into combat across the world. We have 2 huge cities with long term drinking water failures. Our manufacturing base was shipped away and they tax us up front and inflate our wealth away on the back end. They DON’T represent us, they STEAL our labor. It’s sophisticated slavery.

  5. Americans are so suicidal now that even the spectre of nuclear holocaust isnt enough to change their minds about sending all their wealth to a foreign country we dont even have any legal agreements with. Amazing.

  6. Of course, potatoe in chief would rather see the world burn than for his crooked dealing with Ukraine come to light. This whe sham of a conflict has been nothing but a money laundering scheme

  7. You're full of doodoo on this one buddy. Russian logistics is already a catastrophe. They didnt restrain themselves in the attack. They simply lacked the capacity. Tes they have nukes. But dude. Pay more attention to whats happening on the ground. And mercenaries around uncommon. Ever heard of the flying tigers? You dont get to tell people whom they are willing to fight for. Stop whining about it.

  8. Will He Nuke DC, The EU, The UN ??? Hope He Doesn't Use Big Nukes…
    Simply Stated,,, Putting Will Be Fighting A Globalist Demoncrat LeftiflFarian War,,, Not A We The People War…

  9. You have to honestly ask yourself, "Does this war look as though it is going be settled by talks? Or does it look at though it is going to escalate?" You don't need tea leaves. You don't need a crystal ball. Just eyes, ears and a brain.

  10. I build the control panels that hes talking about that are vulnerable. He is absolutely right most of the controls hardware that is attached to the internet for troubleshooting is built on software decades old. There is literally no security to keep any of this hardware from getting hacked. All of the software is built on backdoors for remote trouble shooting. Any passwords are 4 charater number sequences. Would take a dictionary attack maybe 5 minutes or less to get through, and generally all of the controls panels in an area have the same exact password.

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