Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet Again at Western Currency System.

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Today we will touch upon President Putin’s speech at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia.

Just like back in June of this year, Putin trash-talked not only the dollar but the euro and the British pound.

He also announced that Russia and China would be bypassing the dollar from now on when dealing with natural gas.

Eastern Economic Forum:

CNBC article:


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  1. It's sad and very unfortunate for us in the west that Putin has a better understanding of the world, and as a result, a better plan for the future of the non-western world that will leave the west wallowing in misery! The global shift of power to Eurasia is well underway! There are two quotes by Sun Tzu that are very relevant right now. The first, "Victorious warriors win first, then go to war". Putin had his victory already well planned as evidenced by his insulating himself from the dollar by unloading U.S. debt and accumulating gold! The second quote, "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak" applies to China. Don't just fall for the western narrative of China's financial woes, or it's COVID lockdown narratives … is China wounded or simply a crouching tiger waiting to pounce?

  2. when you bomb schools hospitals shopping centers apartment buildings churches and homes i don't care how their economy will look in the future. You have lost the trust of people from around the world.

  3. Putin is hilarious acting as if only countries in the West have fiat currencies 😂 all currency is fiat and the ruble still isn’t backed by gold or commodities, only tied to it. Putin is just the other side of a defective coin. “Each state and people to their own sovereign path” as he invades Ukraine. They are all in on the “New World Order” together East and the West and then both plays the blame game while the common man is pillaged. This reminds me of WWF where two “foes” were diabolical enemies in front of the masses but best of friends behind closed doors. And last comment, Europe’s government is sacrificing Europe not the U.S, we have our own sh!t show to worry about over here.

  4. Nobody wants to hear the truth. Like a unattractive woman wanting to believe any polite lie telling her that she is beautiful. Fiat needs to believe a similar lie. Fiat is not Pinocchio and will never be real.

  5. Called this months ago Europe will collapse before the end of the year, it’ll start with blackouts, stopping supply chains, no food no power the people will overthrow the government

  6. Where did you found that ruble becoming hard currency?
    Central Bank of Russia don't agree with you, it has same policy-chosen interest rate, inflation targeting and potentially limitless amount of currency backed by nothing.
    What exactly was changed here? I've seen no changes.

  7. I agree, I'm debt free, I don't invest a dime presently, maybe 1932 again soon, I'm dry powder presently, I'm not a sheep, I've been debt free for almost 10 yrs, we food low in the late 60's, feel sad for family's that have kids today for the kids today, The usa dollar going down is There next rug going to be pulled out from the middle class to make inflation going higher in 2023, just like history of 1934 gold from $20 to $35, dollar deflation

  8. The British pound runs a large money laundering system out of the Grand Caiman Island lots of dirty money and not a whisper very silent big boys club from the city of London. i believe they still control 51% of the worlds wealth you don't talk about that. but of course lots of shell company's all over the world . That pay no tax like panama, island of man. etc.. and of course your not on Putin's side but they bankrupted his country and now that he own all the ACES what do you think he is going to do very much not a angel but dig deep what are the others doing. Just my opinion

  9. Use to be if you controlled the oceans you controlled the world now its politics and big finance runs the world some of use are awake. Not much i can do about all of it. At lest I'm not naïve.

  10. Mario, I was in a hotel in Wales recently and RT news was available. I tried the website address in my phone and it works here in the UK. I posted it just now and within 5 seconds my post disappeared.

  11. it seems to me the city of London created the Federal reserve and through conquest war death Carnage created the dollar the way it is today and along the way the bankers created the euro more unelected officials governing the welfare of the people so these are all the same

  12. I am sickened by the billions the US is sending to Ukraine to help the war effort. Yeah right. No one is following how the money is used while the innocent citizens of Ukraine are starving and dying. That money is hush money and I’m disgusted.

  13. I have a lot more respect for Putin and Russia's leadership than any in the West – it's clear the western leaders – especially Biden actually despise their country and wish to destroy their countries as they steal all the money and anything of value on the way down. It's clear Russia has leadership that works for the good Russia…no one in the west can make that claim.

  14. Great posting because you have seen what others are ignoring , or are not covering . I think that we are at a tipping point with many countries now choosing a path away from the dollar as it has been used as a weapon.

  15. I'm not happy the way America is behaving but Russia and China are not systems I would like to live under..there is a price for your freedom so USA the UK Australia are the best choices

  16. Putin has set up the equation so that time is on his side. Its really a three way fight between Russia, Eu and the Europeans with Russia sitting on the sidelines watching the EU strangle Europeans to death with Europe less than 100 days before its over. Shutting off its own fuel supply is perplexing and reveals immature childish mindset.

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