Putin Warns Biden: ‘NOT BLUFFING’ On Nuclear Weapons | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar assess the heightened nuclear threats by Putin towards Biden and the west that he says are not a bluff

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  1. If the world does end up in nuclear war from the Ukraine situation, it will be the United States that bears most of the responsibility, as it has for many years relentlessly pushed to "bring Russia to its knees" via NATO and Ukraine.

  2. So then what are the Breaking Points foreign policy handlers telling you about Kosovo? I bet the talking points you are getting from your mainstream handlers are telling you how much their independence vote was way more better and just super-duper extra cherry-on-top legitimate…..just a guess.

  3. Zylinski can say Putin is bluffing, Ukraine really has nothing More to lose. They face war. A take over by Russia is total destruction of Ukraine government or nuclear destruction are the Same thing. So, they call Putin’s bluff.

  4. Once again Breaking Points shows it has no understanding whatsoever when it comes to international politics. Please guys, stick with local politics and the usual gossips!

  5. Lets face it: Putin won't.
    And im not saying that as a intended future prediction, per se. But as a promise. If Putin goes ahead and does it, uses a nuke. It will lead to a full invasion of Russia by other powers. Which WILL be the end of Putin's ideas for Russia. And he knows that. People will die. But so will his Russia. Question is; does he want that now?

  6. Biden: I'm going to bomb china with boots on the ground, who are you people how'd you get in my room. Where'd I put the red button!
    Whitehouse: haha just kidding

    Putin: Changes the inflection in a word
    Pundits: Russia has changed their nuclear doctrine!!

    No doubt he is serious about it, but I think it funny the spectacles we are expected to view both leaders through.
    So is Biden bluffing? Should the Chinese take it seriously?

  7. This seems very familiar in recent history. When the Cuban missile crisis happened it was resolved with concessions on both sides, true diplomatic talks. What is missing is the reporting on any diplomatic talks. There is only rhetoric on both sides through media channels in the form of speeches. Two nuclear powers unwilling to discuss the causes and find solutions.

  8. Russia violated the treaty where Ukraine gave up their 1300 nuclear weapons. Move enough nuclear weapons into ukraine to nuke all of russia and their allies. Have Zelenski announce they have their nuclear weapons back because of the violation of that treaty. and 10 minutes later, have ukraine detonate 1 nuclear weapon we give them (warning shot). Cancel the referendums, russians leave ukraine immediately. Why? Because if vlad says he isn't bluffing, take him seriously AND ESCALATE BEYOND WHAT HE IS WILLING TO DO.

  9. Ugh. Krystal, you should know that the referenda in the Donbas region aren’t fake. Let’s not forget that ethnic Russian Ukrainians there were shelled for the last 8 years, and that Ukrainians under Nazi influence murdered 14,000 there. They asked to become a part of Russia years ago but Putin refused their request. Putin asked to join NATO years ago, and this war was provoked by the US and NATO by adding more NATO countries closer and closer to Russia’s doorstep in violation of a promise in exchange for the reunification of Germany. You can do better. I think you would do better without Saager.

    Congratulations on your engagement!

  10. The Crimean referendum was not fake. You need to travel there or speak to Crimeans. Even the ones that hate Putin will admit that Putin is popular there.

  11. Why don't you invite Alexander Mercouris The Duran? Or Doughas Macgregor retired Army, or Scott Ritter (there are others)someone from the Grayzone to offer an alterative view to your sensationalist accounting. I don't like what I see happening to you.

  12. Zelensky also said “Nah, Putin is bluffing” when Biden was saying Russia is going to invade. Zelensky later admitted that he was lying to his people so that they don’t flee.

  13. Scare the people and create something only the gov can solve. He's not going to do anything. US is defenently working with Russia. Laundering the trillions that went missing on 9/11. It's all theater always has been.

  14. We simply cannot be bullied by this threat. No sane, logical person wants nuclear war but Ukraine does NOT belong to Russia! PERIOD! They can claim anything they want. Hitler did the same. Bullshit! Mafia war criminal! The West needs to keep up the pressure to remove Putin.

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