PUTIN’S PRICE HIKE™ (AKA Biden’s Price Hike)


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  1. He forgot to mention that before him, prices were lower in most places.

    Thank goodness he reminded us they’re higher in some places.

    I know Joe. It’s $4.19 a gallon here. It was 2.20 when you were in office

    That’s just from the same gas station here. Not from 2 separate places. Day you killed keystone to now.

  2. I'm confused… why would greed cause a oil production company refuse to raise their production levels when prices are high? wouldn't an increase in production levels dictate an increase in revenue for a company if sale prices are increasing?

  3. It takes mega watts to run greenhouses, to grow "greenery" for prescriptions. It would takes thousands of acres to build fields of solar panels, to handle just that load. They would cut down tens of thousands of trees, to "go green".

  4. It's stupid.

    First, people switching en masse to electric cars will up demand for electricity. That will result in electricity prices soaring, AND that's assuming existing electrical grids can handle it. Does no one remember rolling blackouts in California? That was just a year or three ago.

    Second, production and distribution of new appliances and cars, and of retrofitting homes with "green" energy solutions, has a hefty carbon footprint at the outset. Not least in terms of extracting the minerals required for storage batteries. But you know, that happens in places we don't care about, so whatevs. Google China's cancer villages if you want a glimpse of the human cost of our cushy green lifestyles.

    Third, what do you do with all the gas powered cars and older appliances that get discarded? Recycle their components? Because melting down metals requires coke (a fossil fuel) or huge amounts of, you guessed it, electricity, which would drive demand, and prices, for electricity further up.

    Carbon for production + carbon to deal with the scrap? Might as well just keep driving that 2005 Honda Civic another 17 years (those things never die).

    I know! Let's just stick them in car and appliance graveyards!

  5. This so called president is a real clown in disguise…. and as Johnny Depp's statement… when was the last time an actor…….you know the rest 🙃🙃🙃

  6. Biden says American's are hurting due to "pain at the pump". His plan is to help us save $80/month with an electric car.

    IRS continues to take 36% of my income or $8,250/month…


  7. It's all Putin's fault "NO KIDDING."
    It's all Trump's fault" NO KIDDING"
    My son is the smartest person I know "NO KIDDING"

    This guy is the completely stupid and hopes we are too. 🤦🏻

  8. It's not Putin's price hike in the last month. It's your sanctions wiping out a large portion of the world's oil supply including on Iran and Venezuela. Putin would rather you bought Russian goods and he's not the one tearing up contracts or freezing funds or weaponising the world financial system. Own it that the poor are being sacrificed for Ukraine through sanctions and divestment. There's some commodities affected by the invasion in Ukraine but these aren't oil and gas.

  9. This is like a war of mental attrition, where we constantly have to remind ourselves of the truth. THEY KEEP TRYING TO GASLIGHT US and it’s so tired and pathetic, just address the problem so you can begin to come up with a solution. WHEN AMERICA PROSPERS YOU PROSPER MR. PRESIDENT, “COME ON MAN”, it ain’t rocket science! Imagine the downfall if we all fell for their manipulations it would be a George Orwellian dystopian wet-dream, why, why, why must you drag the sane law abiding citizens of this beautiful country down to the maddening clutches of Tartarus along with your wretched soul?! Either step up or step out of the way so a REAL AMERICAN can step in to solve the problems you frequent.

  10. I've had people tell me to just buy an electric car and that "they're only like 15,000 dollars for a used one". Like yeah, 15k for a shitty electric car that can't even go 100 miles on one charge. That'll get me to work and back. Maybe.

  11. You are wrong about rooftop solar. If you do the installation yourself, its usually 30% of the actual cost since most of the costs are labor, and ROI on self installed systems is 5 years without government incentives. If you do have it professionally installed, getting a loan similar to a home loan to pay it over a period of 15 to 20 years at 2-3% interest gives you a Day 1 ROI. The system would be saving money as soon as it's installed.

  12. Even though I don't care much for Kramer anymore, he was absolutely correct in his statements… I guess everyone forgot about his first few executive orders back in 2021.

  13. Democrats, you voted for this. Where are you? I haven't seen anyone besides CNN shower Biden with praise, and now that is a rarity. Support your choice. Food Shortages, Covid Lockdowns, Shutdown Schools, Supply Chain Issues, Highest Inflation in 40 years, Rampant Crime, Corruption at the Highest level of our government, Transing Children/CTR, Loss of Women's Sports, Highest Gas prices in ages, more & more taxes, War in Ukraine. We America first republicans told you that Biden was inept bastard and you wouldn't listen. Get out here a support your choice. You got what you asked for. #LET'SGOBRANDON

  14. 8:07. My cousin was paying $200 a week in fuel so he did the math and owning a Tesla is cheaper than paying for fuel so he went and bought a model S. While I understand that the average family can’t do this it is possible

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