putin’s victory lap

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putin’s victory lap

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  1. People don't understand how much of a hero Putin really is to Russia. He got on the spot no one wanted. Russia was facing civil unrest, separatism, corruption from the highest to lowest place in society, rampant organized crime, etc. The country was in a ruined state… it was 10 years after the USSR collapse, which people don't seem to understand how much of a social disaster it was. Putin got on the job and bit by bit fixed things
    Watch the video where Putin, in his early days, speaks to a CEO like the guy is a toddler. No leader would do that

  2. Contrast Putin’s clear, thoughtful, measured, intelligent speech and compare that to Trump or Biden or any US political leader. No wonder the US is failing, all you have is war and when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  3. The West most definitely has all eyes on Russian regime change. People of the West will have an initial knee jerk reaction to take the West’s side, but it’s important to investigate WHO is behind ‘The West’ and what their plans are for the people of the west. Everything’s not about ‘winning’, when ‘winning’ ultimately means ‘losing’. The sociopath’s running this empire hijacked the US and therefore the West decades ago and have abandoned our respective national heritages. They have pretended to represent us for years and have colluded across party lines and against national interests to extend their power across the glob, not for the benefit and freedom of all mankind, but for the financial benefit of fewer and fewer connected, wealthy interests, resulting in ever-growing, oppressive bureaucracies, corrosive to liberty on an individual level, increasing poverty and dependency on the state and an institutional rot across society seemingly intent on obliterating open dialogue and independent thought. Murder the Federal Government in the US, cut the head off the snake. Don’t let them fool you through reputation that the US is a ‘Democracy’. We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC with Democratic elections, but we have are a Representative Republic. The neo-libs work with the neo-cons and may as well be one. They prey on the uninformed, disinformation, ignorant and idealistic youth to strive for a majority, but our executive branch isn’t determined by a majority (the mob), for a reason. We formed as a Republic comprised of states as a check on tyrannical power. Each state has their own rights and the political representation of those states is determined through Democratic elections and local elections SHOULD determine representation because only the local politicians have a read on the sentiment among their immediate surroundings and the issues facing their states in particular. And so it goes down to the county and city levels. Over the past 120 or so years, beginning on the national level with President Woodrow Wilson, the US formed away from its foundational beliefs. The Federal Reserve was created, whereby the government can devalue our money at will from the back end (if taxation. Is the front end and more identifiable to the citizens. The Fed was covertly formed by the wealthiest bankers in the nation, and naturally served to benefit themselves first and foremost. The Fed is completely unaccountable, they’ve NEVER been AUDITED. Without the Fed, the US would necessarily have to ‘balance its checkbook’ and couldn’t corruptly feed the military industrial complex by lying to the American public about WMD’s and fictitious threats. The ‘Representative’s’ couldn’t then go on to get ‘rewarded’ after the fact (bribed) with cushy jobs as Lobbyist’s who ACTUALLY write the bills that are passed in congress which the ‘representative’s couldn’t possibly ever hope to have enough time or will power to even READ. The Lobbyist’s are effectively more powerful and far more excessively compensated than the people we elect to ‘represent’ us. So it should come as no surprise that without the concerted, organized election of an ethically and morally-minded party with backbone’s of steel, willing to DIE in order to radically disrupt the radical way in which our empire functions, our elections will always result in theatrics mean to pacify, entertain, frustrate and divide the population to enable the machine to continue EXTRACTING wealth from the citizens and empowering the sociopathic elite who benefit from war and exploitation of populations across the world without ever reinvesting in the countries quality of life and education. Public schools don’t teach you the fundamental basics of economics, one of the absolute most important subjects a population should know for their own quality of life and safety, but ultimately one of the primary field’s of knowledge a populace should consider when voting… had we an economically knowledgeable population, Wilson would’ve NEVER gotten away with introducing the income tax, at first to just the wealthy, but of course, ‘just the tip, I promise’, income tax soon became universal and anyone familiar with how the government operates, power corrupts and you NEVER are returned a power given to the government. Not without a FIGHT. And though the freeing of the slaves, an overwhelmingly positive resulted from the Civil War, the victors write the history books, so you’re never informed of what we lost. The Civil Warcwas a war of Northern Aggression, you can research that. The southern states had a LEGAL right to secede. It was an intended check on Federal overreach. The end of the Civil War was the beginning of a new government. The South up until then had mostly held the President’s office as the agricultural output of the US was its majority of National GDP. The industrialized north HAPPENED to be in power and illegally refused to abide by established law after a long build up of circumventing the law. The South had enough, understood the North was nothing without the South, so they seceded. The North used the weight of the Federal government and the passage of acts without the south’s input to weaken the south and the ugly truth about the Civil War is that the emancipation of slaves was merely wielded as a weapon to weaken the southern states economic ability to fight. Technology would have soon ended slavery anyway and Lincoln himself stated his motivation was to save the union be it by freeing the slaves or not. Most races in America have endured slavery in one way or another, just as they had the world over. Black’s from Africa, sold by black African slave dealers made an ideal class of people for chattel slavery due to their easily identifiable difference in appearance. The people of the day psychologically convinced themselves that the slaves were less than human or they otherwise could not have engaged in such inhumane behavior. People are insane. We see that insanity bubbling up over the past decade. It’s the same strain of insanity seen in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s USSR and Mao’s China. But a class of people at the top are orchestrating the levers which activate this insanity and those elite’s are who we should be focused on. They’re up to no good and the last people who should support it are minorities for their ancestor’s paid the price of the same type of abuse of power. They’re attempting to take us backward and if you think white people will end up getting ‘payback’ in the end, an evil inclination in itself, you’re sadly mistaken. The people who should worry are still the smallest minorities. Liberals have used societal manipulation and planned parenthood to suppress the percentage of America who are of African descent to just 13%. Our prisons are 50% full of black men aged 18-48, who comprise just 4% of the total population. Liberal policies destroyed the black family with LBJ’s 1964 ‘Great Society’ policies. Research it. It’s clear as day, the black population was thriving up until Liberal’s encouraged black women to ditch the husband and marry the state. Black men, instead of following the path of accepting responsibility, engaged in crime and pop culture eventually celebrated black crime. But LBJ was correct when he stated ‘this will have those n*****$ voting Democrat for 200 years. Well, it’s been almost 60 years… responsible black men have found out the truth and have begun voting Republican, especially America 1st Republican, the new Republican Party (the games rigged, you can’t run as a 3rd party and win, so you must take a party over). I implore BLACK AMERICA to examine their roots, their values and realize what’s happening. Vote Republican in the mid 2022 terms. Vote Trump in 2024.

  4. Are you gonna talk about the fact that Ukraine has gained the upper hand in the northern battle lines near Kharkiv? Are you gonna parrot other pro-Russian commentators and say Putin has disgraced his own country due to his corruption and failing governance that directly caused the Russian army’s own incompetence?? Your title says “victory” today, but I’m sure it’ll say “traitor” tomorrow. You’re not a free thinker, you just parrot pro-Russian commentary

  5. I'm a huge supporter of Trump and a non American.
    But stopping Nord Stream 2 before Putin's Special Operation in Ukraine was a commercial decision that would only benefit US oil & gas corporations and had nothing to do with any additional sanctions on Russia.

  6. Jackson you are definitely a Russia sympathetic. Yeah realize they have had nuclear weapons pointed At your entire family ready to kill everyone of them for the last 60 years right? You think they are the good guys? 😂

  7. Could not help myself, but noticed the banner about Crimean tatars. It is little known but there are republic of Tatarstan in Russia, and generally they all doing fine. It is not some sort of rasism that pushed Stalin to punish Crimean tatars, but their actions toward slavic population of Crimea during WW2. Crimes against russians and ukrainians were as terrible as german if you can imagine. German tactics were to decrease population using fighting between people of various nations on the occupied territories. All I can say that Stalin just had mercy on them by using only deportation as a punishment, because there were only few innocent among them that allowed to remain in Crimea.

  8. Not so fast . Even though current situation looks like Russia is ahead but Biden and the Ursula von der Liar have got a ‘ joker’ card now Liz Truss , who declared in her first interview that she will trigger a nuclear war immediately if need be . Biden will use the 2 lap pu**y to do whatever possible as he needs a digression from his domestic problems ……..

  9. Putin thinks Washington is in control when in fact Soros and Klaus are in control. Actually he doesnt, he is just trying to get the European people to rise up and "washington" is more believable than Soros.

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