Q & A: Global economic crisis & the geopolitical reaction

Q & A: Global economic crisis & the geopolitical reaction



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  1. Alex – US-UK-EU people are hypocrites – US -UK-EU been flighting Islamic jihadis in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Africa, Somalia, Afghanistan, Philippine, within Europe and UK.

    Now CIA and MI6 is funding Chechen and other Islamic jihadis to join Ukraine Jihadi battalions -British and European are Celebrating Chechen Islamic Jihadis battalions fighting for Ukraines against Russia and take no Russian prisoners.. US-UK-European, aligned to truly Barbaric Islamic Jihadis.

    when all is done and said- Don't worry they will be coming to helping their Islamic brothers in the UK and Europe – their barbaric tactics will be very useful in killing British and Europeans -innocent people.

  2. I have listened to many financial experts talk about the USA debt crisis. None saw any solution. So seems will be an inflationary depression. Like Weimar. I have never seen this before in terms of predictions from so many diverse experts from different economic schools of thought. It’s like an end game. And the White House has no clue. And it’s coming in June when treasuries roll over. I think Yellen knows but does want to be the message bearer

  3. Dmitry Medvedev will take over as deputy head of the military-industrial commission (chaired by Putin) in addition to his post as deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council. The commission is directly involved in the formation of the state defense order and is one of the main instruments of the state in matters of mastering the military budget, which will be of paramount importance in the coming years.

  4. Even though your neighbor is of different race, color or language, reach out and learn to live with each other. Communicate, people have master its own language many many years ago. Fight is the first behavior of animals.

  5. I have 3 tiny complaints for your otherwise brilliant session: 1) different sound volumes between you two, 2) Avoid saying "we have discussed it" and 3) Alexander please clear your nose. Thanks!

  6. We have to drift to a debacle, until people stare over the edge they don't sober up enough to think clearly. The Left/Globalists/Neo Cons are too drunk on control/power at the moment to consider anything sensible.

  7. There are a number of things that are VERY obvious:
    The Russian ground military is a joke. They are using WWII era hardware and tactics. They are vastly outclassed and the fact that they've resorted to conducting war crimes almost right out of the gate puts a spot light on it.
    Putin knows that this is it. He either wins or he's done. There isn't a country, including China and India (N. Korea isn't worth talking about), that will stand with him.
    When the Russian people find out, wholesale, what Putin's done TO them and how he's set them up for the foreseeable future, he'll be lucky to survive his own people.
    Finally, it may not be talked about in public but the American military is KICKING themselves for not stomping out Putin before he went down this road. The EASE with which the Ukrainians have dealt with the Russian military has a few countries wishing they'd taken Russia down decades and decades ago. There are a few "Cold War" commanders still alive and they are shaking their heads. Russia sold it well.
    The trolls are out and laying it on thick. I've seen a ton in this thread alone. However, like their Communist loving buddy Trump, they are telling us to not believe our own eyes. We SEE what's going on (isn't technology grand). They can lie all they want but we see it. They can shove it.

  8. Each time the "China" word is mentioned, the western whitey racists among the Duran mob pop up and come to the surface: proof that it sells to be an anti-China bigot. The Alexes understand this principle of making money from their audience. Here's a suggestion, put the term "Yellow Peril" in their mugs and T-shirts. Surely, these will sell even more.

  9. Alex and Alexander: I cannot fathom how Ukraine is getting drones into Russia and attacking airbases. Here is why. I was in the USAF Air Defense Command from 1966 to 1970 in radar operations. Our radar covered 250 miles. All of our radars overlapped each other, hence we had total coverage. All aircraft entering the coverage areas had numerical identification. If an unknown aircraft entered our coverage areas we would scramble interceptors. Was our air defense in 1966 superior to 2022 Russian air defense? If so, Russian definitely has a big problem. (I sent this to you both individually)

  10. Personally Im happy with how yr format is very informative and detailed and with the addition of specialist guest speakers Im sure with the amount of news information you two chaps have to peruse and verify you have enough on your plates

  11. With everyone focust on europe what is happening in other volitile regions of the world? The Islamic extremists have been very quiet this year? Why has Israel not condemed Ukraines anti semitism and nazi regime?

  12. IF Poland invaded Ukraine, all NATO support would be withdrawn as long as the invasion continued. That's natural gas, spare parts, all delivery of new systems, because no part of NATO would support any invasion of a sovereign country. Yeah, there would be immediate high level pressure to stop this invasion. BUT Poland is not Russia. Poland is not going to attack anyone. Poland is not self-agrandizing and the Polish President would be drug out of office by the Polish people who have stood up to an autocratic government. Poland sees Ukraine much like themselves 40 years ago. Stop equivocating every country to the psychopathic mess Russia is.

  13. Nato has blocked the road to Artsakh from Armenia using turkish military. I didn’t catch in your conversation about it and I feel you don’t give an importance to this when Armenia-Artsakh issue is more important than Serbia in reality..

  14. From Terence Wise…..I still cannot get over the extent of the success of the pro Ukrainian propaganda put out by the UK government and mainstream media. I am aware of the more than 40 year dumbing down of UK since Thatcher but did not realise its extent.There was always previously a large amount of common sense in UK.

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