Q: Why is Biden Admin flying thousands of migrants from the border in the middle of the night?

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  1. The Playbook of entry.
    1. Once illegally crossed into the US.
    2. The parents or loved ones call upon their kids or families and tell them they are in.
    3. They tell their families to take the Journey to the US and turned themselves in to the Border Patrol.
    4. Biden Administration rejoins them with sponsors or families Kumbaya. Provides them with all the best treatments of healthcare and room and board. All paid for the tax Payers.
    5. They use social media Facebook/ Twitter and spread the word to let everybody know the processes. They all repeat the same steps.
    Says a lot about the U.S not producing enough children here so they have to import them immediately. The alphabet people may have morphine into more LOL.

  2. Sorry Jen people think that what ever comes out of you mouth is a lie or at best distorted truth, but this is what happens when work for a lying cowardly pathetic president and administration, time to visit the bathroom I need a Democrat.

  3. Those are really TALL CHILDREN or more specifically GROWN MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe the LIES these fraudulent administration give to the American people on a daily basis, why are Americans allowing this?????

  4. Guarantee some of these children get ‘lost’ on the way, or are never officially documented and wind up in a Billionaire’s ‘Epstein’ type place. They never get out, if you know what I mean. Thanks for covering it all up Jen Psaki!

  5. I like how she quickly changes the narrative from migrants to calling these people "children" when they are minors and most are teens and in gangs.

  6. Evade answer to specific inquiry; use doublespeak to confuse issue; commence brief oration on moral emphasis; shame individual who posed question….then leave room with haste. This is the regime's modus operandi. Cowards….

  7. Then if it is the Biden administration's responsibility to unite these minor children with their families, why do 1 out of 3 go missing under the Biden administration's care? That is 33 1/3 children out of 100 that are never seen or heard from again. Those are "HORRIFYING" stats.

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