QANTAS CEO confronted for the firing of unvaccinated staff by @Aussie Cossack

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  1. I’m a 20 year Qantas “front line” worker. I don’t like the current CEO at all for various reasons, but I like antivaxers even less and that’s a low bar. Both Fair Work Australia and the Human Rights Commission clearly outlined cases where a requirement to be vaccinated for Covid was not breaching discrimination laws and airport workers and airline staff were among them. You got a greedy lawyer and a bunch of gullible antivax employees to take it to the Federal court and they’ve repeatedly been smacked down at their own expense. What have you gained? F….. all, that’s what, except court judgements against you and they’re still out of a job! I know antivaxers have never been the sharpest tools in the shed over the years, but talk about own goals!

  2. The darkness (DEMONS AND LIES) DOESN'T like the light (TRUTH) and it's evident by how they react!!! AJ has literally destroyed QANTAS and it's once-brilliant and world-wide classy reputation!! I agree with 58 that he has also destroyed lives!! George Street, Sydney became the WALK OF SHAME for AJ!!

  3. There are many reporters, commentators who work for the MSM that would love to
    confront Alan Joyce and like people with the hard confronting questions but they are
    barred from doing so by their bosses who in turn are part of the WEF and the great reset agenda.

  4. Of course he's an arsehole, most of them are. When they don't need to see or hear about the consequences of their actions(especially when they're wrong) they can kind of keep the mask on, but when its in their face? No chance. Daniel Andrews is the same, its why his fans have gone off on the ABC of all places for asking actual questions, calling THEM right wing. The ABC, right wing, pff!

  5. As Australians we are so proud to have Semion standing tall for fellow Australians , The Aussie Cossack has the drive and passion to seek out the truth exposing the people of the world who destroy people's lives and livelihoods . This man has lost his freedom in the past as a result of information that he shared with the public , the powers that be made sure this information was withheld from the media . Keep in mind Semion and his legal team still have an ongoing battling for justice . But still he defends others . 🇦🇺

  6. Sacked so many staff and then when industry returned had no staff to run the company with thousands of complaints. Would never fly qantas, with a cuntas ceo

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