Qld MPs Exempt from Vaccine

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QLD MPs are exempt. Do people regret replacing Campbell with Palaszczuk?


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Written by Heise Says


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  1. Have you made a video on preferences? – could be a series of 'election/politics videos' ie. what are they / what they mean / hung parliament etc… I think it might be interesting for your audience.

  2. I don't understand how a government can ban you from public spaces, like libraries, while still taxing you for the upkeep of these areas.
    I guess it's time for a strongly worded letter to my local MP.

  3. This AWFUL woman is on video telling people to get a flu jab, and she literally gets a fake needleless jab on video to try and act like "one of the people". They censored it big time, try and find it on Bitchute!

  4. That's is what I am pushing – More then a Bill of Rights, but an agreement for each Freeman & Women of the Commonwealth.

    An Affirmation of Sovereignty Agreement – it is consented by you and is a contract between each one of us that makes clear our Standing in the Commonwealth of Australia both as people and in relation to the land. It is a very basic set of common, civil and commercial rules and rights.

    But first we must lop some heads off.

  5. I hope people are paying attention, we can no longer elect insane power hungry idiots, we must elect those that have the interests of australia… or this is going to get way worse.

  6. When that’s a big surprise. Not.
    Just don’t comply with their rotten rules, and refuse to pay the fines. And encourage others to do the same.
    The system will implode if enough people refuse to comply.

  7. This is but the beginning! All those that have submitted to the government have done nothing other than give them more power to remove more and more freedoms. Look at NZ they are banning cigarettes because they are unhealthy, sure that is true, but so is alcohol, sugar, food additives, soft drinks, white bread, pastries, even driving is dangerous, so where does it stop? It doesn't! Why would it? These people are not our rulers, they think they are rulers which is a big part of the problem, but they are nothing more than public servants paid by the people to provide a service for the people. When someone stops providing the service you want and starts acting like a communist dictator then they must be removed from office! Anyone who votes Labor, Liberal, or Greens at the next election is blind to what is in front of them.

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