Quebec Hired CONSULTING FIRM to Advise on Province’s Covid Response – Viva Clip

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  1. I love what youtubers do in digging into these things, but the very first thing in any video concerning government money going anywhere is who is getting paid and how are they related to those in government.

  2. Sounds like it was an excellent investment by the Legault Government. They had an extremely oppressive lockdown without significant resulting benefits, gutted their own healthcare system and still managed to get reelected.

    Do those of Quebec like being abused, or is there something else going on?

  3. Not to mention all the signs signs everywhere and more .. ads on every website you need to connect with (…when did the CIBC bank, dollarama, grocery store, government sites, everyplace, become experts in medical/pandemic advice ??) .. and the plexiglass, and masks, gloves, visors …
    UNREAL !! and all while [they] are destroying our economy .. 🤢🤮

  4. It's okay (not that I believe he actually won 🤔 ..Dominion .. wasn't that a Canadian company ? 🤫).. it was just his turn to be OVER-EXPOSED, FRIED, under the Spot Light of Truth where nothing can be hidden or be unknown ..

  5. As a Quebecer, i do not understand how the results of the election could be confirmed before all the voting polls were closed and all votes accounted for…
    It's not possible to have counted all the votes at 8h30pm…

  6. Supreme leader Francois legult is a perfect name , they need more names like that they should be mocked and shamed

    They ruin our lives it’s the least we can do

  7. It’s the common slight of hand the liberal government tried to pull as well, affiliated parties and groups. Consult with private organizations and pass the blame on to them.
    “Oh we didn’t do it. Wasn’t our fault, we were just following the experts”.
    If an elected official cannot make decisions on their own, they shouldn’t have their position.

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