Quebec Riot Police Removes Their Names and Badge Numbers…For Your Safety, Of Course

They really are trying to speedrun their way into this century’s Gestapo huh?

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  1. Looks like a lot of targets for a live fire exercise , green shows up well against snow , just targets no humans will be harmed in the live fire exercise… stupid games get stupid prizes……

  2. The Candn & American MŞM are LIEING SO BADLY about what's happening there! Many of the truckers' & residents' videos show that the police are releasing those who are arrested, a short distance away from where they were arrested.
    They also keep reporting that "the trucks are leaving." They're NOT leaving, in fact, more & more trucks are joining, daily!
    MSM reports that "local residents & business owners are 'upset' with the truckers being there " They are NOT. Dozens of videos show the residents showering truckers w/ food, water, fuel, goodies, and moral support. The business owners say that business has been so good, that they've paid off their overwhelming debts (which C0vd m@ndts created) AND they can now, once again, take good care of their employees.
    The bridges are not opening up either.
    True reports, from the camps do say that people ARE being beaten up, and intentionally trampled. One reports that a man / peaceful protestor was killed after being tranpled by the police horse. And a woman has her collar bone & ribs broken by a police horse.

  3. Heard a theory today that makes a lot of sense.

    The reason they're not responding…
    They don't speak our language, they don't speak French or English.
    They're not Canadian citizens…

  4. This is why mindlessly backing the blue is almost as dumb as the ACAB bullshit. They're only as good as the regime they obey. There are plenty of great cops out there, but when push comes to shove, more than enough will stand with the despot giving them orders.

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