Queen Ensured Harry Lost Title Over Biden Endorsement

PRINCE HARRY “crossed a line” when he openly discussed US politics in a recent video, which is why the Duke will not be reinstated as head of the Royal Marines, it is claimed.

Prince Harry had to step down as Captain General of the Royal Marines when he officially quit as a senior royal at the end of March. The loss of his military titles was reportedly “devastating” for the Duke, and it has now emerged the Palace is not looking to reinstate Harry’s titles at the end of his 12-month review.

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Written by Andre Walker


  1. Meghan ruins everything she touches. How many families will she destroy? Please Harry and Meghan go find another country to live in America doesn't want you!

  2. I am an antipodean nobody with the good fortune of a British heritage. I love the Queen and the institution of the Monarchy. It grieves me to see the disrespect given her by the terrible two. It is also an insult to me and to the millions of others who are witness to these events. Were Her Majesty to withdraw the Dukedom I would not be disappointed.

  3. If the distribution of seats in Congress and Senate does not change significantly, there will be no free trade agreement with the US.

  4. What are Harry and Meghans thoughts and feelings on California living? I'm not talking in normal times….I'm talking about in today's "new normal" times! I can't imagine they are in favor of it all but….then again….they came to this country to mingle with the elite so most of the lockdown rules probably don't apply to them!!!

  5. We here in USA have been aware of M.M. and her using weak minded men to get ahead. This is a no brainier. She has her eyes on a presidential run, and is leading the prince by the nose, or some other appendage, to try to get there…..

  6. Well then maybe the Queens to be taken out of power you know if she's in Donald Trump's pocket too maybe she needs to be taken out of power like Trump is going to be taken out of power

  7. You have just made my day. Harry you are a traitor prince and that title needs to go. You hate Britain you should not be a prince of it

  8. What does removing the 'HRH' mean all together, not just monetary means as he's trying to do now.
    Will he be accepted socially still in his family life in/out of the palace with Queen others? Will Harry still be in the huge family portraits anymore?
    What does Harry "have to do" and "want to do" regarding family obligations? Are there holidays that are required to attend? What about news media? Without his 'HRH' Is he news worthy? How much could they be worth to the CEO's of media if they only got signed for only 3 months????Megan/Harry "3 month trial reality show" ???
    It sounds like Megan's 15 minutes is over and being on the 'woke' side will send her broke. Hopefully, Harry will grow some chest hairs and reign that monsterbitchwife of his in! Soon. The way it's looking, Megan's taking the fast trap to GONEin60SECONDS! The Queen will always take Harry back. Especially, if they find out positively through DNA testing Harry isn't Charles kin. There's too much to lose at this poimust hang tough and together

  9. As far as I am concerned, IF the Queen does NOT REINSTATE ALL of Harry's TITLES back to him….then Harry needs to go without Meghan and Archie back to the U.K. and get everything out of Frogmore Cottage that is theirs and send it to the USA (now that they have room for it in their new home). Be very cordial to the royal family and DO NOT LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG….When Harry is back in the USA and they receive all of their belongings, Harry can notify by a letter to the Royal Family, he will NEVER RETURN TO THE U.K. TO VISIT THE MONARCHY, AS HE HAS NO FAMILY THERE, BECAUSE FAMILY DOES NOT TREAT FAMILY IN THE WAY HE AND HIS WIFE HAVE BEEN TREATED. IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT THE QUEEN OR HIS FATHER OR BROTHER HAS THAT IS HIS, HE WOULD EXPECT TO HAVE IT RETURNED IN GOOD FAITH. It is sad that the ONLY family Harry has in the U.K is on his Mother's side. P.S. Harry never said who to vote for…he just said…get out to vote! And even mentioned that he has never voted being in RF, but here everyone needs to vote. That is all I heard!!!!!

  10. As an American I THANK YOU for stating exactly what millions of Americans have said….Harry seems caught between what makes his wife happy & what's appropriate…Harry must have forgotten that we won our freedom from the British in 1776… simply because he married an American and lives in the United States does not give him a right to try to throw his weight around and influence an election in any way… and on behalf of millions of Americans we'd like to apologize for what Meghan Markle has done to the Royal Family most of us don't care for her any more than British do & you're correct she's biracial but what seems to be her ticket is black she plays the race card she could easily help bring both races together but she joins in and plays on dividing the addition her family is considered trash here in the US…Good Bless Our President Donald Trump & God Save the Queen

  11. God Save The Queen!

    4:24 Wait…Are you saying the EU will declare war and invade British soil…With the US as its Ally? Is-Is the EU stupid? They know we won't pull our punches right? As much as I hate war, I would openly support helping Britain if that happens.

  12. I find the idea of Megan Merkle pursuing a career in politics here in the US to be rather a bit frightening. Now, Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8, of the US Constitution says, "No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State." Given this, would it be possible that the Queen might find it in her heart to restore at least a few titles? Just enough to keep Merkle from being eligible to hold office here? It would be deeply appreciated. God help us if that particular woman were to be elected to anything higher than her local school board.

  13. The Royal Family only survived by their utter refusal to get involved with politics. I have heard the Queen is very fanatical about it. Being so partisan is especially bad public relations.

  14. Harry was thinking with his wrong head when he married Meghan Markle. Now she has taken his balls away. Now the Queen has stripped him of all his titles and money, it’s time to dump Meghan.??

  15. Prince Or oops, I mean Harry could well be sending grandma to the poor house, adios monarchy! Good job henpecked! Silly boy Harry, didn’t your Uncle tell you that a mediocre piece of a*s, does not a relationship make?

  16. Harry should worry more about take caring of his own country by understanding how to make relations for the long run then he wouldn't be strip from his title in the first place.

    Plus if Harry was smart to research Democrat history where he known that they started the Civil War and KKK as well the whole racist thing where they did more harm than any other political group in US history for the last 150+ years.

  17. The American Globalist & Intel Community are hoping Biden wins. Christopher Wray at the FBI, Gina Haspel at CIA are and have been sitting on damning information hiding illegality subterfuge and anti political methods and practices that the Demorats used against their Domestic opposition. I point this out because these tactics were developed to be used against our foreign enemies, not the opposition Party in a free and fair ELECTION!
    Vote find 10 other people to join you. President Trump is just starting to reveal the depth of corruption in our Republic. It’s our Country not theirs let’s take it back together. Ignore the Media lies about the polls they want to suppress our Patriotic turnout. Crooked Polls are another form of ADVOCACY!

  18. I don't recall the Royals EVER getting involved with other countries elections. I don't recall any of them picking a side. So I can see why the Queen is ticked off with Harry.

  19. Harry is a big embarrassment for the royal family. He thinks he's that important to the world that his endorsement matters. Wake up little boy.

  20. Fairly certain Harry's endorsement moved virtually nobody. Most people's minds are already made up in the U.S. they just are not telling anyone if they plan to vote for Trump. Realistically if someone is still waffling on their decision at this point they need to be sterilized. There really is no riding the fence here, there is A clear choice one way or the other. Unlike say War Monger versus the Halfrican or Jr. Versus Climate Fraud.

  21. Your channel is better than Alex Bellied Bedfield (damn spell check) Belgied… Bellfield!
    Because at least YOU reference the fact that you are basically reading an article from the Express!
    Alex BBC name dropping belfield acts as though he WROTE the articles..!
    When in actual fact he is either copying YOU (around 12 hours late) OR.
    Going to McDonald's for breakfast and tearing small page 5 articles out of yesterday's papers?

    We will know which when or IF he reads this..:-D

  22. It is really mindboggling the STUPIDITY of the folks on this thread, please please I know for some of you ignorance is deeply rooted. no matter how the evidence points to the truth you all choose to believe the made up lie portrayed by others who know your hate will enable their channel get that cheque!! Harry and Meghan is everybody's meal ticket!! Talking about William and Catherine doesn't make enough money for these channels.

  23. I love your Channel , your amazing chap. Just wanted to tell you as a monarchist l love your channel and hello from Australia. We are very annoyed with the couple first the plane naming rejection and then Megan stealing the idea of her vogue magazine of the Sydney girls who did the Marie Claire Australia cover first with the idea months before her. I think she only did it because it was an Australian publication and thought no one would notice. So her vogue cover idea wasn't even original. Very sad state of affairs after soamy years of service from the Queen and Prince Philip. Your so informative.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Bad bad choice he made to marry the little hollywood bitch. That's going to cost him more than he'll ever hope to get back out of it. He should have had his fun with that little fish and threw the bottom feeding carp back in the pond when he was done with it.

  25. Trump supporter and anglophile from the US here. Just discovered you and wanted to say great video!. Agree 100%. God willing Trump will win and we will make a great trade deal with UK. But God help us all if the Democrats take over.