Queen’s Funeral Eerily Resembles North Korean Dictator’s

The British Isles may not be ruled by a member of the royal family, but when it comes to funerals for recently departed monarchs, the United Kingdom looks and sounds an awful lot like North Korea, as evinced by a recent viral “mashup” of audio from an English reporter describing the funeral of Kim Jong-Il combined with footage of Queen Elizabeth’s elaborate send-off.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and Convo Couch’s Craig “Pasta” Jardula discuss the bizarre fixation that even many Americans have with the British royals.

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  1. You think the expense of the Royals is more than the 50 state houses, 50 governor's mansions, the combined staff of them all, the tens of thousands of politicians, from big to small, stealing, selling influence, insider trading…..? At least the royal show brings in a good part of Britain's income. Plus, of course, all that gilded stuff already exists. It's not bought new every time. They use it for centuries.

  2. My sentiments about the queen dying… 'GOOD. FINALLY'… a total parasite, leader of an entire family of parasites, FINALLY kicked the bucket after doing absolutely NOTHING but being completely self-absorbed and selfish, and living off of the lives and money of regular people from FOUR… F O U R… different countries: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. So, see ya LADY. Hope you like your food crispy. The devil is warming up a spot right next to him down under. By the way… the name Windsor was made up/adopted by this family. They're actually German. They were originally from Germany, and were the family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. That's RIGHT. Queen Victoria, and all these twits including the old bag that just expired, are from direct German descent, and Victoria even spoke the language. They didn't even change their family name to Windsor until 1917.

  3. Yeah, it's totally messed up. Our leaders have the wrong ideas in how to run things — running things into the ground!

    If you notice too, they have the pope behind them too!

    Our Deist founders had it right, but America is a huge country and others came in along with them — that messed things up for us now, time causing people to forget too about their solid and true foundation!

    But thank goodness it's all documented and hopefully we can reclaim it, someday!

    Thanks, geat clip and show as usual!

  4. Jimmy, they are not symbolic!!! The monarch is selecting the house of lords which is the upper house in legislation. Nothing in England can be a law without the approval of the group of people who are loyal to the queen. I love your show but please do your homework well next time. England and the commonwealth (and possibly with many connections the usa) is still ruled and/or influenced by this family. They are also said to have huge influence over the global drug trade. Please do research.

  5. It is a nostalgic relic of dictatorship, and she even had some dictatorial powers on paper. Of course, the actual rights situation in England is vastly different than that of North Korea.

  6. In addition. Its a cheap shot. Queen Elizabeth was crowned, not coronated WTF, in 1952 ,a year before North Korea even existed. I thought you were more aware than you seem to be. Keep up the good work!! 👍 seriously 😐

  7. While she was still in Scotland,some people were arrested for questioning the monarchy, they were being respectful, no shouting, just holding a poster, well this one guy did shout "Hey ,Andrew you're an old disgusting man ". All of them got arrested, so much for democracy and free speech I guess…

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