Queensland cops have MISOGYNY problem

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Queensland cops have MISOGYNY problem. Regards, 🐻


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  1. 6:25
    WOW! That stock photo of the cop with the 3 spirals on him, one on each arm and one on his forehead. I know their placement is random and coincidence… BUT… It couldn't be more appropriate! If you know, you know! 😉

  2. Are the female officers also going to complain about the sexist recruitment policies? Quotas and lesser physical requirements for women don't exactly promote equality or positivity in the workforce.

  3. Part of them trying to "see if they belong" would include submitting them to what they wel experience in the field of duty they are applying for. When you have weak backup you and the backup die.

  4. It's obvious to anyone with 2 testicles that the 'harassment' is just jokes and banter. PC stupidity is going to lead to just sterile work places where people interact only on a superficial level.

  5. Maybe it's because english isn't my native language or it's just internalized misogyny, but the term 'female victim survivor' (7:35 min) could be interpreted in a very cynical way:
    a person who survived (experienced/endured) some kind of physical/mental/legal attacks or abuse, committed by a woman who (rightly or falsely) claims to be a victim herself.
    …does that make sense? or do I just have to work on my english skills (instead of my cynical hatred for women, incl. myself)?

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