Rabid Far-Left Doctor Looses the Plot on the News – Also Running For Public Office

Ottawa family physician Nili Kaplan-Myrth, foaming at the mouth (speculation; her face was covered), claims that wanting to get back to normal like the rest of the world is a “Far-Right” talking point. She says this, wide eyed, in her office all alone with a mask on.

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  1. what's with this masked interview?… she follows the science of fear and loathing of the truth… just because she has a stethoscope around her neck doesn't make her a more learned person … FAIL !

  2. For those Canadians that are NOT awake, yet, hopefully, this will open your eyes and KEEP them open. I knew that the very minute Mr. Poilievre won the leadership of the PCP, the swamp creatures would surface. We have our own versions of fake media right, here, in our beautiful Canada. Grab your seats and popcorn, folks, the dirt is about to fly. God bless.

  3. How the fuck is this woman a doctor? She is the most insane person I have ever seen. Just shows that doctors are unfortunately not any more intelligent than other people.

    PS, my recent doctor did not feel comfortable taking care of my son, since we are waiting until he has to go to school to vaccinate him. This doctor seemed very arrogant, and really upset that we didn't take the Covid vaccine. I always had a bad feeling about him, but he showed his true face last time we met. Going to find an actual scientific doctor next.

  4. There is nothing normal about continuing locdowns when it's been proven they destroy more lives then they save. Nothing normal about the damage masks do to young children's language development because they don't learn facial ques .

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong,but isn't part of Thier oath to do no harm.If your giving people a vaccine that hasn't been tested for side effects,Short or Long-term effects. Science study show, the vaccine doesn't stop you from getting COVID.People who take up Hospital Space doesn't mean they haven't been VACCINATED.Do they even track those who have died from COVID. How many received the vaccine and the others who haven't.The last strain of COVID brought to Canada,was from VAXED travels Flying into Canada.So you can get COVID, Transmit Covid and be Hospitalized for COVID,If you've been Vaccinated or not.And for the DOC! AND THAT'S MEDICALLY PROVEN. Vaccine is Personal Protection.It just makes the symptoms of COVID less harsh.

  6. The fact that she wears a mask to do this interview in a room by herself shows how far from ‘normal’ this doctor is. Thank goodness she’s not my doctor! Hope no-one is crazy enough to vote for her.

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