Rachel Maddow Adopts ANOTHER Unhinged Conspiracy Theory, Now About Putin Adopting GOP Talking Points

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join forces once again to host libertarian anarcho-capitalist podcaster Clint Russell to marvel at Rachel Maddow as she finds yet another leftist conspiracy theory to revel in.

From Ep. #308, Monday, June 14, 2021.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Maddow used to have some level of credibility. Now, she's just sniffing out ratings stinking it up with BS. Less than W O R T H L E S S.

  2. Rachel Maddow Defense – "You can't sue my client for slander because her fact-based reports are opinion pieces."
    NYC Judge – "Well that seems reasonable."

  3. I honestly don't think it was a cyber attack at all. No hacks…..nothing, this was all to push a narrative close to the time of the summit to make Biden seem more assertive than Trump in regards to Putin. Has Russia hacked US well duh….like wise though we have hacked and messed with elections also tit for tat. Even Biden snapping a the reporter was totally staged likewise as the apology that aired right after by Biden……so people become more sympathetic to major media.

  4. 8:31 – everyone flips sides. On 6/8, it was the 54th anniversary of Israel’s attack on the American ship, USS Liberty that Chuck Schumer helped cover up as an accident that took the lives of 34 American sailors.

  5. Horrible person all these people on the news.. Fox also set there in judgment as if their God so tired of commentary with news. Lori Lightfoot Little Brian stelter and mad-cow these are damaged people you can just look at them until they had a rough life and they're sitting there loving every minute they're making the world pay for their pain bong hit anybody?

  6. Rachael Maddow and friends remind me of the lesbian couple in Washington state that adopted all these black children, abused them, and then killed them all when the abuse was unmasked by the children and neighbors.

  7. When real conspiracy are suppressed like the great reset and biggest plandemic and illegal murder vaccines lol but they talk about this