Rachel Maddow Has NEW Theory of What Really Happened with 2020 Election 😂

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  1. Freudian slip? How can Trump loosing to Biden destroy American elections? Didn't they spend the entire year telling us the election was legit? How can it be destroyed it it's legit?

  2. I looks like Richard Maddow is spending all of that spare time watching the X22 Report and reading old Q posts. Trump lost the election on purpose just to trap the Deep State. Red Pill anyone?

  3. As Nancy accused of trump in 2020, saying, if Trump loses, they will have to call in the army to pry him out of office:
    so will it be with Biden in 2024. If Trump wins, they will have to pry Biden out of office with the army.
    And sadly, the army might be on the Dems side.

  4. To cheer myself up I watch the day after Trump got in and see this he/she's meltdown. That white hair, ahahah. She looks like a pint of Guinness. The spokesperson of colour. Golly she has no idea. Biden to run again? Ahahahah he can't even manage stairs!

  5. “FOK-IS” wow is she a vacuous windbag…”She is proof that you should never let someone choose their replacement…they always pick the dumbest one from the bottom of the barrel! 🙀🐗

  6. I will never forget the time President Trump told Ilhan Omar and the rest of the squad "If you don't like it here, you are free to leave" lmao Then proceeded to explain it this way, "imagine coming from a 3rd world sh*thole (Somalia) to America, becoming a Congresswoman, then turn around and hate this country?" She could not have done that over there because they wouldn't have let her"….or something like that. YES! YES!!!! Love it or leave it!! So when ya packing your bags???

  7. What about baby formula…let me see if I care, I mean let me see…NOPE. Just let your baby die, it’s for the good of the environment. And we need to save the planet.

  8. I wish i was Bidens Press Secretary. I would just be 100% honest I would get fired after the first week. I would tell the media how Joe cheated and wants to destroy America.

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