Rachel Maddow’s Unhinged Over-The-Top WARMONGERING!

Rachel Maddow is very sorry for the Ukrainian people, but they’re just going to have to keep on dying pointlessly in this war because Russia MUST BE DEFEATED, she says. Peace talks? No, sorry, making peace would be a form of giving in to Russia, she adds, so the Ukrainians are just going to have to keep on dying – if she has any say in the matter, that is.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether Maddow is just an ignoramus about Ukrainian history prior to Russia’s invasion or she’s openly lying.

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  1. So Rachel, All of the Ukrainian people have to die so you can get your way. If the warmongers in Washington and Rachel didn't want this war it would not have begun, and if they wanted peace then they would not have sabotaged those talks last March.

  2. I am not at all that there is oil in Syria.

    Denmark (!) produces more oil than Syria. Romania, too.

    Could be there's a pipeline in Syria which needs to be secured, or then there's another reason for the presence in Syria.

    Selling "oil narrative" would be an easy sell.

    There's a conunty in the region and you tag it with oil.

    But for what it's worth, I am not aware of "Syrian oil fields."

  3. My mom has always been pretty smart and intelligent but a few years ago I went to visit my parents and when I was flipping through her saved TV shows, she had the Rachel Madcow show programmed to record everyday.

    I don't know the hell happened but the corporate media has completely taken over her mind… She's so far gone that it's a waste of time attempting to discuss alternative ideas with her.

    So sad

  4. I guess a negotiated settlement will be reached once the western governments have fleeced as much money as they can from the taxed cash cows of those countries so the military?industrial complex is enriched and the cash cows become entrenched debt slaves.

  5. I love how Obama is talking about negotiations at some point but he worries that the communication lines between the Whitehouse and Moscow have never been worse…
    Soooo he's confirming Ukraine is just a giant hand puppet for the US military then ? I mean wouldn't Ukraine be the ones negotiating their own land if they were truly sovereign???

    These politicians and war mongers are just so vile it makes you feel sick

  6. Unfortunately India found 5 million tonnes of Lithium. So I dont know when USA will decide we need democracy and also when Maddow decides Indian mindset is uncivilized and they need western intervention like British decided in 1750s

  7. Brother against Brother, provoked but they both have Elites with much to gain, not to mention the defense contractors worldwide, Not to mention the backdoor deals with infrastructure companies that stand to gain billions on rebuilding. How can anyone sane not see through this evil sham?

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