Racial make-up of academic faculty (from Livestream #137)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #137 (originally streamed live on Aug 06, 2022):


Herbert et al 2022. Words Matter: On the Debate over Free Speech, Inclusivity, and Academic Excellence. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters13(30): 7100-7104.

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  1. A few flaws to the initial logic:
    1. Make up of faculty should be parity with the make up of the country:
    FALSE. Make up of faculty should be parity with the make up of the QUALIFIED POOL of people in said job/industry. This is the standard to determine if there is bias.

    2. Providing resources to folks are different than those people actually using the resources.
    As a person of color, from a poor family, who went to schools that were predominantly black (80s, 90s) I can attest that the educational deficiency in black communities stem much much deeper than just the resources. I had the same resources as many of my fellow black students. I took advantage of those resources and they did not. In fact, of the few black students who did take advantage of those educational resources, their fellow black students ostracized them and called "white".

    You can lead a horse to as much water as you'd like, but you can't make them drink it. The fundamental problem lies in how the black community defines the "black identity". This is an issue for the black community to fix, and the black community alone can fix this. No one can fix this for them.

    The primary issue is that there are many within the black community who are trying to change the "black identity" and raise them out of poverty, but the WHITE LEFTISTS keep enabling the behaviors that keep the black community impoverished. Imagine that.

  2. How silly. How can these two not know. "Parity" means equal, so they are not demanding anything correlative to percentage of representation in society. They mean 50-50. The mean 50% for the "Toned," and 50% for the other 88%.
    Disgusting to suggest that industries should represent the communities they are part of for anything other than merit. You cannot believe that among a community of people that believe education is evil because it's "white" that there should be a reward for not educating yourself. No, that is not "cool" Brett.

  3. I just refused a job offer because they would only hire me if I claimed to be a certain race. Before they knew that I was partly that race, they had had my resume for months and the supervisor had been advocating for me. I heard nothing.

    The day after they find out I'm "aboriginal" I get an offer. They're talking about how sad it is that I'm living in poverty, as if that only began because I'm "black". Well screw you, I don't make money for racists.

    I don't know if the academic sector has gotten this bad, but in Australia hiring based on race is a big thing for some companies.

  4. Typical White pro abortion Liberals only liberal until it affects their skin color or them personally or their children's opportunities. The hypocrisy is amazing. Bret and sidekick Heather or Heather and sidekick Brett your shamelessness and entitlement knows no bounds.

  5. It is a problem that everyone knew with a half-brain. 15+ years ago I was working briefly in the US and university faculty were complaining that they want to find Black students, but if there is any at least half decent, Harvard, Stanford etc immediately get them. In other word, it was obvious even than that the real shortage is in the willing and able candidates, however higher education policies and political pundits just didn’t find it enough interesting.

  6. It is amazing to me that the left cries racism because there is not X number of black people in a certain profession floors me. Every clever in the U.S. is required to have a certain number of black students but, how dare they make their own decisions as to their career path. Now to me, that's racist. Smart enough for college but, too stupid to make life decisions.

  7. Food deserts exist because every time a grocery store opens in the underserved neighborhood there is so much shoplifting they cant maintain the business.

  8. So what would do with the Asian (Chinese, Indian..) faculty candidates? In (American) STEM, a significant proportion post-docs, therefore tenure-track candidates were always be immigrants and wannabe-immigrants. Before come at me, I am a researcher from outside the US.

  9. The kind of person you consider to be "like you" is also a learned function, and need not necessarily be racialized.
    For instance I bet most fans of superman are not too obsessed with his age or race, and much more interested in his superpowers…

  10. There's too much of racism shit going around in the world.
    People should just stay in their own nations.
    Refugee culture only breeds cowards & dictators flourish where there is huge refugee population.
    International travel should be only for pleasure, not for any business for profit.

    3 letter agencies must immediately stop destabilizing and spreading diseases in poor nations. And then admitting these refugees in the nation so as to create an "experimental & expendable population". This is like being a traitor to humanity let alone the nation.

    Instead of physically identifiable military bases now a days military is replacing bases with bioweapon labs. "Germs are cheaper and they don't kill building."

  11. How about we remove ALL mention of race and sex from ALL applications for schools and jobs.. not that sounds FAIR. Ohhhh but but but…

    It’s obviously the game has been extremely rigged by the radical leftist to prop up under qualified non whites and openly discriminate against whitey.

  12. In a society where everyone is equal no one’s free. In a society where everyone is free, no one’s equal. Now add decolonized maths and science aka Democrat policies. Care not whether the cat is white or black only whether it catches the mouse.

  13. US blacks that live in cities are trapped in the worst schools in the Western world and no one cares. Plus, fatherless black families in general, are not educationally nurturing environments. The pipeline is broken.

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