Rage Against the War Machine: Chickenhawks Go COMPLETELY Insane with Propaganda


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  1. Lindsey Graham went on tv and said if China gives Russia lethal weapons they will be heavily sanctioned 😂 no wonder why all these countries are banding together to ditch the Petro dollar. Only we are allowed to provide weapons we decide who lives and dies WTF

  2. I love the orange man and he did a lot of good. He doesn’t get enough credit for being a peacemaker. I can’t imagine the pressure put on him by the military industrial complex. Sure he appeased them with some missile strikes but it stopped there. I have no doubt that a DeSantis administration would look a whole lot like Biden’s in terms of this Ukraine thing. There’s this insane obsession with hurting Russia that’s infected everyone in DC and I can’t understand why. I’ve been there, it’s a nice place with people just like me. It’s actually embarrassing.

  3. The far left really doesn't believe in anything except for power and the constant pursuit of it. Whether it's the peace movement or police brutality/BLM, as soon as they "win" back control their protestors disappear.

  4. War started in 2014. Land wars is Asia usually don't do to well. They turned down peace talks, they blew up the pipeline. They're turning the entire continent into the next mega enemy for WW3. All at the expense of the tax payers and more innocent civilians. What's worse it's done intentionally by those that know and the incompetents that don't get sold into taking a more hands on approach. Another endless conflict.

  5. you have to crash the peoples voting habits, otherwise its its a ridiculous game every election where both parties shills yell: "look there" then the other one "NO look there". and the dummies just run from one end of this artifically constructed political hall to the other like grover from sesamestreet. vote the third or fourth options

  6. I find it funny that they accuse the Russians of committing war crimes when every single time a war crime has happened and been blamed on the Russians it comes out within hours or days that it was actually Ukrainian forces. Their justification for blaming Russia for war crimes is that they're pretending Russia started this war and therefore they're pretending Russia is directly responsible for the actions of all parties in the war. I'm not just making that up, that's straight up what top US and other NATO diplomats have said.

  7. That was so staged , and I wonder why all the live streamers I follow in DC area was not their with any footage and immediately after they went to grooming on how it so much compared to Vietnam era protest , not .

  8. "in 5 years when the war is probably in stalemate mode" just like he does every time he makes a video on this topic, Styx has demonstrated that he lacks a basic understanding of the events in ukraine. The ukrainians have lost well over 100,000 men according to their own government officials. The Russians have lost perhaps 14,000 according to the BBC. The Russians aren't just winning, they are completely annihilating the Ukrainian military. Stop uncritically buying into propaganda, you have been convinced that Russia is losing because they didn't take over the country in a week. They are not and were never trying to do that, their objective is to destroy the Ukrainian military. The way to do that is to sit tight and let them throw their forces against entrenched rebels and mercenaries, and that's exactly what's been going on for the last 6 to 8 months.

  9. The same people who wished chastisement on anyone not wholeheartedly supporting Fauci and the Mandatory Experimental Jab have trumpeted this ill-advised unwinnable war with Russia.
    They lnow look ridiculous over the former and are becoming ridiculous over the latter.

  10. Do you dislike being lied to? Welcome friends… welcome to life as a "russian sympathizer". May as well embrace it as I have and throw a flag in your bio… not that gay ass yellow and blue one tho. Trust me, you'll see firsthand how ignorant and cocky people can be in their acceptance of lies.

    Russia commited war crimes… but twice as many went unreported… the ones commited with our tax dollars by genocidal ukranian armed forces.
    The blood on our hands is never coming out.

  11. I think people are beginning to not just realize but understand that their greatest enemy is not just the crazies in their own governments but a global group with bloody fingers extended up the backsides of ELITIST in control of the strings of power.

  12. The West is laughing. Russia started a unprovoked war of aggression and got their asses kicked, and the West is oh so happy to pay Ukrainians to continue blowing the shit out of Russia's military. If anything, it's really hilarious to watch how badly Russia miscalculated and got the shit kicked out of them by a country that is 29x smaller. Total humiliation.

  13. gotta love the dumb mother fucking commies who wrote that article. 'everyone who disagrees with our communist war-mongering is a fascist' as it descends into a covidiotic diatribe of the same tired leftist bullshit talking points these stupid cocksuckers keep regurgitating after the fat dong of corporate media and government blows another load into their diseased communist gullets. If they contend that there were no left wing views offered at the anti-war rally then we can conclude it's because there IS NO LEFT WING ANTI-WAR POSITION. Go fuck yourselves, world socialist shitheads, the extinction of your mental disease can't come soon enough.

  14. ALL of this pomp and circumstance and smoke and mirrors is a distraction from what's REALLY going on!!! One of the huge things going on that nobody is supposed to notice or talk publicly about is that Democrats trafficked over 4.5 MILLION PEOPLE out of Ukraine in the first 4 weeks of that war and nearly 20 million by now. That means that more than half of the Ukraine citizens have not been in that country since the first couple months of that war and it means those, um, "refugees" are here in America in Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and here in New York near me. That means those former Ukraine citizens will be legal American voters in Blue states just in time for the 2024 "election"! Wow, what a "coincidence", huh?!?!?! Talk to people in Arizona and ask some of them how many people form Ukraine just overnight showed up in their towns and cities.

  15. Call me black pilled or whatever…but I guarantee the majority of the people waving Russian flags are actually feds trying to discredit the movement. Just like people waving nazi flags at Trump or Republican events are really leftists trying to discredit and associate Trump with these things. Oldest trick in the book….but it works I guess.

  16. Do you really think the US will have an economy to prop Ukraine up in six years? At the rate we are going, just pissing away the fiat currency, we will default on our debts by June/July timeframe! No more money! They finally killed America, and now Brandon can Build Back Bolshevik, just like he promised.

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