Rail Company HIDING From Poisoned Ohio Residents | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss Norfolk Southern refusing to show up to a town meeting on the Ohio derailment that has poisoned the East Palestine community.

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  1. What really pisses me off about this whole thing is that the government has put less regulations on big corporations while trying to put more regulations on private citizens, they hired how many new irs agents to look into us… bunch of bullshit.

  2. And nobody will face repercussions. This country is thoroughly guided by garbage ideology that hasn't changed since the 1700s.

    The death of humanity will come because of it. Meanwhile, your average proto-fascist american will proclaim "free-markets" and "liberal democracy" are the epitome of human development as they slobber over a burger, pumped with who knows what chemicals, ignoring their pigs of a government send death squads around the world for 70+ years.

    sincerely hope china claps this country into humility.

  3. You don't have to be an environmental scientist to make simple observations and deductions.

    Vinyl chloride is a gas- but it isn't transported in that state. It's pressurized to the point of being a liquid. A tanker car full of vinyl chloride in its gaseous state wouldn't amount to much. By pressurizing it until it liquifies, thousands of times the volume can be transported. Propane is a gas, too. But it isn't a gas inside the cylinder you attach to your BBQ grille. Same concept.

    The "controlled release" consisted of lighting the already leaking LIQUID vinyl chloride, that was turning into a gas as it was exposed to the atmosphere, on fire. Everyone saw the mangled mess of rail cars- what was meant by "controlled" was the duration of time and quantity the raw chemical was allowed to seep into the ground.

    The fire burned up the majority of the vinyl chloride. Combustion is an oxidative process, which means that a "controlled release" of vinyl chloride reduces it oxidatively to simpler compounds. A quick search reveals those compounds to be hydrogen chloride, carbon dioxide and traces of phosgene gas.

    Hydrogen chloride, carbon dioxide and traces of phosgene gas will quickly be diluted in the open atmosphere, and winds will reduce the concentration even further. Which means that OF COURSE the air quality will soon be what it was before the derailment. That's how dilution works.

    The concern, and what the EPA isn't talking about, is SOIL contamination, and following that to its logical conclusion- GROUNDWATER contamination, by 1) the unknown quantity of LIQUID vinyl chloride that seeped into the ground before it was burned and 2) the somewhat less toxic cloud of black soot and smoke that settled back down to Earth after it was burned, which will be carried underground by the first rain fall.

    If air quality is the only metric by which you judge the safety of people returning to East Palestine, it's probably past the danger point. But the long-term effects of exposure to these chemicals over future decades of living there are just as important. You can't hide the effects of a toxic gas cloud that kills immediately, but you sure as hell can obfuscate the toxicity of decades-long exposure to the same crap.

    Twenty years from now- no A FEW years from now- Norfolk Southern will simply say: Cancer? So, sue us and PROVE IT. We cleaned it up and the EPA certified the area as safe. Air quality tests said so.

    They will NEVER, EVER dip into their ten BILLION dollar, pure profit per year cash cow to help the people who live there any more than they were willing to spend less on stock buybacks to ensure the trains were up to standard in the first place. The fines against them will not scratch the surface of the billions the company has already made. They must be held accountable financially NOW, while its still fresh in a jury's mind, by each and every resident of East Palestine.

  4. It’s wild that when they didn’t know anything about Covid it was the complete opposite response. Now they are rushing the numbers the other way to say it’s ok! This hypocrisy sums up the Democratic Party

  5. I assume the Whitehouse doesn’t care about this issue because Ohio is a state that has become so out of reach for their administration. Likewise, I believe if an accident like this occurred in a blue state, a Republican President such as Trump might not seem eager to respond and resolve such a disastrous incident, and take necessary preventions from ever happening again.

  6. Have the USA government, Democratic party and Republican party members,eat and drink the stuff from Ohio where the train burning is. I know that the two parties would lose their jobs on purpose and refused to eat and drink from Ohio every again.
    Questions, how long before the clouds of dangerous murderous cloudy smoke damages all, Waters and animals, like 🐄 cow's of milk and cow's of beef, poisoning all USA citizens.
    Russian Army shot down a UFO scout ship, and now the rest of the world doesn't want Putin to say a word about it. But he will talk soon.
    And the UFOs over the USA, is going to continue UFOs kidnapping humans and animals, but this time to save the humans and animals of Earth.

  7. Tucker, Fox news agency Tucker Owned, didn't you know that the smoke clouds of poisoning the air,is heading towards New York City and Washington DC. Enjoy Biden and Harris and Tucker.

  8. Number one golden rule of an investigation… follow the money. Youtuber Two Bit da Vinci just posted that the biggest investors in Norfolk Southern are also major investors in ALL of the major media outlets. You think they're not pulling on the reins of the MSM to not report on an ecological disaster that could potentially cost hundreds of millions if not into the billions.

  9. I really don't understand how Krystal keeps trying to tie back into the Rail workers strike…….. Were they asking for increased capital maintenance expenditures or more money and more vacation time? Pretty sure it was the vacation and money……… I doubt that BNSF offering to double maintenance expenditures instead of giving them a raise and vacation time would have ended the potential rail strike…….

    Yeah corporate greed could be a major factor but the rail workers never wanted increased maintenance spending and the ONLY time I ever heard anything about "safety" from rail work who came on this or similar shoes was stuff in relation to long work hours and extended time away from home.

  10. I've heard it said that if people knew what was regularly being hauled on these trains through their neighborhoods, it wouldn't be long before freight trains never came close to a populated area ever again.

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