Raising Rates – Into A Recession: With Tarric Brooker

My latest Friday afternoon chat with Journalist Tarric Brooker about economics, monetary police and social trends. His charts are available to view at

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  1. Always a great discussion, and look forward to hearing your reaction and analysis over the next 6-12 months as the government, reserve bank and large swathes of the population have no idea why the economic house of cards is tumbling around them.

  2. A recipe for disaster! Professor Steve Hanke reckons that the Fed and other central bank rates need to be above inflation for them to actually reduce the inflation. So the Fed rate would have to be about 10% and the RBA rate would have to be about 7%. Also he says that if they go back to how they calculated inflation in the 70's and 80's the CP LIE would be about about double what they say it is now so interest rates would actually need to be much higher similar to what they were back then in the Paul Volcker era!

  3. So if history repeats/rhymes should we expect global conflict with the anglosphere fighting to bring down / impede the belt and road / Eurasian federated empire?

  4. Thankyou martin, thankyou tarric
    tarric and tony are my favourite guests you have
    now if only there could be a terrence or timothy or tabitha
    the triumvirate trifecta of the T triplets could be born
    havagoodweekend 😉

  5. Former BOE had a interview recently and basically says the problem is the economic textbook view, the universities etc, not the individuals that work there. Saying what you guys have said!

  6. There are three elephants in the room that are interconnected. Debt, runaway global warming, declining energy and increasingly expensive energy supply. A carbon tax is needed to drive and fund the changes needed.

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