Rampant BA 5

Rant warning. There is a significant rant in this video starting at 15 minutes 20 seconds. Viewer discretion is advised as some may find this objectionable.

CDC variant nowcast

BA.5 77.9%
BA.4 12.8%
BA.2.12.1 8.6%
BA.2 0.6%

BA.1 0%
Delta 0%
Others 0%

Risk of death in vaccinated and unvaccinated

Hospital admission risk goes up with age

Mr. Biden, (79) isolating at home

Fully vaccinated, had second booster, end of March

Tested positive, Thursday.

very mild symptoms

Taking Paxlovid

White House has stringent measures to prevent infection

5.77% in England (1 in 17 people)

6.03% in Wales (1 in 17 people)

4.82% in Northern Ireland
(1 in 20 people)

6.48% in Scotland (1 in 15 people)

Long covid, data to 27 May 2022

Coronavirus Infection Survey,

12 to 16 weeks laboratory-confirmed infection

BA.1 4.5%

BA.2 4.2%

Delta 5.0%

of triple-vaccinated adults,

Zoe data

Japan, highest level of vigilance

New wave of infections

Omicron BA.5 subvariant

Cases, + 186,000, disproportionately affected children and young people

Recent rise in cases, 60 +

Lowest per capita rate of 38 OECD countries

246 per million people

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Going to collect all the Headlines from this doctors channel from start to finish…there's a lot….all fearbased headers.
    Shows his mentality !

  2. The Japanese lack the LZTFL1 gene on the chromosome 3 that is the major inherited risk factor for severe COVID. Might this explain better outcomes there?

  3. I've been sick about 4 days now and have now lost taste and smell and it's hard to get any sleep with this congestion and cough.. but every test I've done (3) have come back negitive.
    Could it be a really rare cold? Lol

  4. Why is the word 'variant' so prolific these days, when other terminology was fine a few years ago. Where did the 'master strain' really come from?. Wuhan? The media? Vaccinations themselves? Just an idea…

  5. It may be running rampant in the UK and most of the other western world and its offshoots but I can tell you it is certainly not rampant in Hong Kong and that's because we take reasonable precautions to minimise spread instead of arrogantly believing we can go around as though it doesn't exist. Just glad it's not so fatal.

  6. At first, i need to thank you.. i suppose, we all do..
    About your questions/wondering, i can say we/I have much much more.. but YOU KNOW and WE KNOW, that pharmacy is not a science.. it's a BIG BUSINESS, with too big profits, big "under-table" payments etc.. so they don't care about basic, logical, natural or traditional methods.. so obvious, so many times proofed.. I think, we all (or many of us) looking for the real scientists, who care, who afraid, who are looking for/searching, taking no orders blindly, who are awake/stand by, who informed us-for us -with us..

  7. All these monkey RNA booster's, I'll be surprised if anyone has an immune system left to reset.

    Most viruses are only dangerous for 18 month's. This only only had a 0.01% death rate in the beginning, the Spanish flue was 60% before it mutated and dissapered.

  8. Thanks, John. Yes iodine is so helpful. I take it in the form of kelp capsules. It is also great for preventing breast cancer. And so many other benefits, many are deficient in iodine. Thanks for all the great information and getting it out there. Between iodine and D3 so many lives could be saved and perhaps many decreased cases of long covid. What a concept. Functional medicine doctors do know about all these simple supplements. It's mainstream Western medicine that is tied too tightly with big Pharma that is the problem and doesn't know how to think outside the box.

  9. You are spot on! Why don’t they do the research and actually help people? Why don’t they grab the low hanging fruit? For the same reason doctors do not look for underlying causes of illness. They simply “treat the symptoms”. Covid is their opportunity to have more symptoms to treat! More sick people! Chi Ching. I wonder how many “Chronically I’ll” people are not really chronically sick. So wrong.

  10. Okay, this is weird… we just had a COVID outbreak here in my small house with four residents. My wife and son were sick. I have immunity to some extent due to a serious SARS-COVI-1 infection I recovered from some 18 years ago. My 14 year old daughter didn't get sick either. WHY! Well, it turns out she loves seaweed. She snacks on the stuff consistently. There are two insane things about that…
    1) It's a bit of anecdotal evidence of what the doc mentions near the end of this video, and ..
    2) My 14 year old kids loves the taste of seaweed!
    How strange is that?

  11. Interesting on the Iodine, I am vegan and take a kelp tablet everyday as a supplement because vegan diets are low in Iodine, and it is extremally important to keep your thyroid healthy. Kelp tablets are very inexpensive.

  12. We all don't wish Biden well, I hope he has the worst case, suffers more than any human in history and dies in a month. Unfourantly he lived a full life unlike the soldiers he killed in Afghanistan

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