Rand Paul BLASTS Fauci “I Represent Science” Comments, “Astounding & Alarming” For Health Official

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, Robby Soave, and deputy opinion editor at Newsweek, Batya Ungar-Sargon, discuss Dr. Fauci’s transition from bureaucrat to partisan.

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  1. Funny how he's so sure of himself when it comes to the vaccines effectiveness' , but acts intentionally confused when discussing the origins of the virus!

  2. This lying Doctor evil knows all too well where this virus came from cause he sent the money to help China make this virus, and he held back information when he knew this virus was out way before anyone. This Doctor Tony needs to be fired and kicked out of the White House.

  3. No isolated sars cov 2 "virus" in the first place. Its about time this charade ended bringing the likes of Fauci behind bars. There is no anti science , questions ought to be asked of science (especially virology) constantly especially now. Scientists from what i have seen and experienced disike questions. Fauci has lost the plot, science relies on inquiry and evidence.

  4. The Wuhan virus came from Fauci’s funding through another grantee behind Americas back to make a killer weapon in China let it get unleashed and do the Fauci in the China party many Americans died over this and they act like they have nothing to do with it

  5. “Gain of Function” supporter via finding makes Fauci the originator of financial support of the Wuhan Research Lab! The CCP was astute enough to realize that they would be blamed for an American initiative!

  6. Our SA scientists can run rings around him. So can our doctors who have become experts in treating covid. Our Wits varsity are running trials on Novovax which is made in the traditional way. Novovax has no spike protein and no mra contents. I will vaccinate when it becomes available.

  7. Nurses, doctors, surgeons represent science, too. I'm sure that they would say such. It's their job and they also must always "defend" science through hypothesis and experimentation – of course! I understand what Fauci means. There is nothing wrong in his statement. The number TWO person after Fauci ALSO represents science and would plainly state it, too. Get your vaccines and boosters. Best wishes from Denmark.

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