Rand Paul Blocking $40 Billion to Ukraine

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives approved of $40 billion in additional aid to Ukraine amid their conflict with Russia — a conflict that many are now saying is a proxy war between the US and Russia. Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky — the son of former Presidential candidate Ron Paul — is currently blocking the bill from being approved in the US Senate.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. My first vote for U.S. president was in 1964. (I'm old!). I voted for the candidate who said he was for peace – LBJ. I got 2-3 MILLION people dead for that vote. His horrible war was also the cause of the police riot against massive anti-war protests at the Democratic Convention in 1968, after our peace-minded president, JFK, and his peace-minded brother, RFK (genuine in both cases) were assassinated by the CIA (no doubt in my mind). (They also put a bullet in MLK, who had come out against the war.). So it doesn't surprise me to find the leaders of the Democratic Party funding "WW-3, the movie" and very possibly WW-3 for real. The difference now is that they are unanimous. (And, shame on you, Bernie! "Independent," my ass!).

    At least in those far off days, we had anti-war voices in the Democratic Party leadership. That continued until Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld. That Neo-Con crew succeeded in hyper-militarizing the USA (their stated goal, to overcome the "Vietnam Syndrome" – Americans' hatred of war) and also to Nazify American culture (tolerance for torture, callousness toward a million dead in Iraq, etc.).

    The other big change during that era (2002 to 2004) was the lightning-fast conversion of US voting systems, from hand-counted paper ballots at your local precinct to electronic voting run on 'TRADE SECRET' code owned and controlled by a handful of private corporations with far right roots, with laughable audit controls. This is why "We, the People" have no representation in DC and little or none in state governments. (It was the final blow after elections awash in filthy money and transformation of the media into a CIA copy-machine.)

    What I think is happening now, as the result of all this, is: 1) the CIA – which killed our best leaders in the 1960s – is now running the Democratic Party; 2) the lethal combo of psycho Neo-Cons running the war against Russia in the Biden administration and our economy so dominated by military spending that US economic planners have so other option but war in its many forms: regime change wars; dirty wars; siege warfare (sanctions against all disobedient countries); proxy wars; full-scale war; potential armageddon.

    I don't see any way out of this. We're headed right off a cliff – one of several awaiting us on our present course. Our weapons economy based in fiat paper is facing collapse. China-Russia-India and the "Third World" are creating their own buffers against US bullying and dirty economic deeds (including tying their currencies to gold and commodities). Russia finally cried "Foul!" over Ukraine and NATO – after 8 years of U.S./NATO-instigated, bloody civil war right on their border – and they're winning and we're losing that battle – after U.S. war losses in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, and its failed regime change dirty deeds in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and other places, and failure to keep Russia from rebuilding after the U.S.-instigated looting of Russia during the Yeltsin years. (That's why they hate Putin so much – he rebuilt Russia.)

    Economic collapse – of a kind we have really never seen, not even in the Great Depression – and/or more war including, now, the real threat of the war to end all wars because it will be the war that ends all life on earth.

    I've thought, for about 20 years, that massive rebellion against the 'TRADE SECRET' voting machines could give us the ability to change course. It's not happening. The little Trump rebellion about it was easily crushed. And thus – guess what? – anyone who raises their voice about it now will be marginalized and silenced as a…you name it…racist, sexist, 'deplorable' Trumper and even 'Putin puppet.' The CIA has control of the 'narrative" such that our leaders just appropriated $30 BILLION dollars for a military run by outright, swastika-wearing N_is.

  2. I know Rand is sincere in this. There is a lot of Theater going on though. Rmbr who gave the Saudis an agreement for Billions of dollars in weapons. Those weapons will be used against us some time. Also Rmbr that MTG invested in these companies the day before the Ukraine invasion started. That is theater. She's insincere. There was a time when Rand Paul's dad, Ron Paul, and Bernie Sanders would have stood together against war spending like this. They would have given speeches about it on the floor. How sad that Bernie has gone so out of touch, and has shepherded The Fruad into the Neoliberal movement.

  3. The democrats ran with obama in 2008 as a ruse like clinton, talk is cheap. democrats, republicans two sides of the same coin. this is not a coke vs pepsi, rebel vs the empire if you believe in some dumb fucking super hero movie you deserved to be treated like the sheep you are, get your fourth shot while your at it

  4. 1 anti war voice in the Senate and instead of being utterly ashamed of the other 99, people want to discredit Rand by saying he needs to be investigated for Russian collusion. Is this real life?

  5. Good show, but you have misinterpreted the idea behind 1984 by Orwell. He was a propagandist during WW2 for the Allied Forces, fighting the Soviets. Look at the history of the FDR coup and what the industrialists did for the War Machine. He wasn't describing a dystopian future, he was describing a dystopian past.

  6. You are phantastic, Primo! Keep on your great work! Thank you for keeping focus!
    Let's remind people, that one ounce of peace weighs more than a ton of victory.

  7. It is a weird world when I, an old European communist, find that I am more in agreement with an American libertarian politician than with the so called American "left". Also, I never thought I would ever agree with an authoritarian like Erdogan. I do not agree with the reasons why he won't let Sweden become a menber of NATO, but who cares, as long as it blocks the Swedes from joining the club of aggressors.

  8. Israel is more authoritarian than North Korea? We should stop all aid to Israel, yes. But, saying things like this makes you lose ground on your argument.

  9. Absolutely bankrupting expenditures for who…American taxpayers not U.S. House Representatives! Take care of our country before there is no money left. This is suicide of our country based on wayward decisions of maintaining empire.

  10. Thank you, Senator Rand Paul. It is inspiring to see at least one Senator who has some good sense and integrity. It is difficult to believe that Senator Paul is the only senator who wants to stop World War III from starting. Meanwhile, I was appalled to see Republicans following the Democrats lead by going to the Ukraine and banging on the war drums. Just goes to show you that politicians, regardless of party, will do anything, including start a World War, in order to get votes. Sickening.

  11. As a child in 1950s Las Vegas my father took me out to see the atomic tests, from Highway 95, 30 miles from the Jackass Flats site. Even for a nine-year-old it was unforgettably horrific. At the time politicians and press witnessed the A-bombs. It must have tempered their lust for war against the Russians. Our current politicians and press do not have this reality check – unfortunately for us.

  12. How is it possible that when Sleepy Joe Biden was the VP the Ukraine government was the most corrupt government in Eastern Europe. Less than two years later the Ukraine now deserves billions in support. Aren't they still corrupt? Yeah, but supporting helps the Democrats start another war that could last for decades and help destroy America.

  13. We wouldn’t like to undermine some of US Senators reputation now. Some Russian information was hacked, there is a pack of data about paid foreign politicians, most from Europe and some from US. Soon may come time people will know their “heroes” at face !

  14. You Americans who believe in your democracy say "it's good we have a hope for peace we are a democracy" but I the convinced old communist say that "the deep state of imperialism has understood that without the resources of Russia the system is doomed and the risks of war are real''… IN BOTH CASES IT'S VERY GOOD!

    According to my crystal ball, in a few years Rand Paul will become President of the USA. They will haggle quietly over Finland's NATO membership and captured officers against Southwest Ukraine. Except that I have somewhat blurred visions to tell you about the possessions on the Sea of ​​Azov side… Sorry.

  15. Republicans are belligerently anti-China. Democrats are belligerently anti-China and anti-Russia. Not sure anything else needs to be said about it.

    Rand Paul is 100% correct on this issue and I stand with him on it, specifically.

  16. If you like Ron/Rand Paul, you guys should watch Duran who are conservatives. If you are actually progressive, Marxist, socialist, or whatever you want to call yourself who is on the actual left, you will be shocked how much your views will align with Duran. What I also like about them is that they are Orthodox Greeks who are actually very religious and super polite. I watch those guys daily on their Ukraine/Russia coverage. I think their hearts are in the right place which I can't say about liberals.

  17. For now. When they turn around & start bullying China, I’m sure he’ll chime in – wouldn’t want to admit that it was the greed of US oligarchs & the corruption of their pocket politicians that screwed the poor, abandoned citizens of the USA…

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