Rand Paul Blocks a Fast Track of the 40 Billion Dollar Ukraine “Aid” Package

I bet the majority will be swindled via slush funds and kickbacks anyways:

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  1. Amazing how stupid our leaders are. Truly amazing. FYI, if you got an increase in your flood insurance or recently became under flood zoning, write your congressman. FEMA followed the science and removed elevation as part of flood equations.

  2. Remember how the USSR collapsed. I feel the same game plan is being used on the USA. People don't work anymore, very little exports and large trade deficits. Add in the cost of unending wars and we're done.

  3. No more "We have to pass it to see what's in it" kind of bills. They are signing contracts on our behalf that we have to abide by. You're damn right we wanna discuss what they contain.

  4. This is why I vote for the guy. When you're upsetting all the Washington bigwigs from both parties, you are doing something great. At the very least it is amusing.

  5. DC Swamp politicians know the mid term writing on the wall include their names and they have colluded to craft a golden parachute in this 40B swindle on the the American people. Rand Paul knows this.

  6. Why does Ukraine need $40 billion??? The media reports daily that Ukraine is beating the Russian invasion…so why do we need to send them cash? The EU created this mess and NATOs European members egged it on. Again, its just another way to drain the US economy, shift wealth, launder money for the Democrats and RINOs, and pay off the bureaucrats and contractors.

  7. The Ukraine can pay for weapons or surrender. We’re not obligated to fight a proxy war with Russia because the Democrats are convinced they handed the election to Trump
    Ukraine is a massively corrupt government like Russia and the “president” is a first class crook too. He’s lined his pockets with millions since taking office, all the while getting the title of hero.

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