Rand Paul Breaks Down His Viral Debate With Dr. Fauci

Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor, accused each other of lying during a fiery congressional hearing about COVID-19. Senator Paul sits down with The Daily Wire to revisit the moment and discusses how Dr. Fauci, a career government official, attained celebrity status.

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Written by The Daily Wire

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  1. so here's the thing, Fauci got caught, his emails got leaked, at what point are you republicans gonna push for his imprisonment? When Fauci and Rand went toe to toe Fauci wasnt emotional… he was TERRIFIED. the MOMENT Rand read him the NiH definition Fauci realized he got put between a rock and a hard place and had to try to make the media look at Rand as the bad guy OTHERWISE that would throw a wrench into everything he's done and he'd face prison time.
    Fauci mishandled the AIDS situation. he failed with ebola. he now failed with the virus of unnamed origins.
    when is enough enough?
    our votes do NOT matter and these career politicians and Bureaucrats are destroying our country.
    and it needs to stop.
    it needs to stop before someone with passion and fire starts to lead a charge.
    because if that person does, we'll be in an all out war.

  2. How do i delete and stop paying dailywire. Can't be around unforgiving people- Godless people after their commentary of Simone Biles.

  3. I'm glad that Mr. Paul and Mr. Jordan are continuing to challenge this dangerous situation and bring it to light. But when is something going to be done? This man has lied to Congress!

  4. The first three items of priority when Republicans mop up in 2022 are as follows and IN THIS ORDER.
    1. Impeach Joe Biden literally for one or all three of the things they TRIED to impeach Trump over. Because we all saw the blatant projection in those proceedings. Trump asks Ukraine about quid pro quo with Biden, and they tried to impeach Trump for the phone call.
    2. Pursue criminal charges for the 4 or 5 Democrat governors that admitted to intentionally mass murdering over 15000 elderly people. Then admitted to covering it up along with complicit media to keep Trumps admin from pursuing criminal charges.
    3. Prosecute Fauci for gross misinformation surrounding covid that has resulted in MILLIONS of deaths.

    If a republican congress doesn't do AT LEAST the first two things then Republicans are just as evil as Democrats.
    It's FAR past time they started fighting back.