Rand Paul CENSORED by YouTube!

Krystal and guest host Kyle Kulinski criticize the decision made by YouTube to censor Rand Paul for his comments on masks and covid guidelines. Next week, Saagar will be returning from vacation and co-hosting Breaking Points as usual.

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Written by Breaking Points


  1. I would’ve never heard or cared about what Rand Paul said if YouTube hadn’t suspended him. Someone at Alphabet doesn’t understand the Streisand effect is a real phenomenon

  2. Breaking Points..we support our President no matter what…Dr. Fauci is all mighty..CDC is the way..We love mandates and will do anything you say and speak your words of truth..We are smart and everyone that disagrees with our greatness is dumb,

  3. Neither one of you have a foundational background in science to downplay everything that any vax critics say. Don’t let ideology rot your ability to analyze and think critically.
    According to the CDC from back in 2017, masks ARE ineffective. You need to address things out of your wheelhouse with nuance and not just ‘right vs wrong.’ My only criticism of you guys thus far (this is a good thing btw)

  4. Krystal says the KN-95 mask is "really effective." To what study do you refer?
    Rand Paul asked Fauci the same question and Phoney Tony didn't name one.
    So, got science?

  5. You guys are making false comparisons between what Paul and Osterholm said. You are completely ignoring the context in which each made statements. Osterholm was explaining the differences between mask types. Paul was basically encouraging people NOT to wear masks. Don't say those two things are the same! I usually like what you have to say, but this is stupid. Let me ask you this? Can Rand Paul shout "Fire" in a crowded building? How many degrees of difference is it between that and encouraging people to make reckless choices which could result in the deaths of others? I support freedom of speech but not when it has the potential to kill innocent people.

  6. Covid will never be cured, NEVER! I don't know about you but I'm not wearing a mask for the rest of my life. I'm with Rand on this. On another note, Fauci MUST be investigated! He's a damn LIAR!

  7. There's a difference between a mask and a respirator. N95 is a respirator. I know from professional experience that a mask is pretty worthless. A respirator is very effective.

  8. Regulation of the internet and Big Tech as utilities? Yeah, that will fix everything. Just ask Texans what a great job Ercot did with managing the state’s electric grid last February. Or the Chinese what a great job the CCP does regulating the country’s stormwater systems. Oh, wait, you can’t, because of censorship.

  9. What is medical fact and who decides?

    There are many studies explaining the exact biochemistry reasons why Ivermectin and HCQ DO have impact on virus lifecycle in general and sars-cov-2 in specific. Yet the medical “experts” mock and dismiss both even though the hard chemistry science is solid and proven.

    For those who care, Ivermectin interferes with virus spike, ace2 and rna replication functions, HCQ interferes with the ability for the virus to penetrate the cell membrane as well as imparting rna replication function. Ivermectin also moderates inflammation which is critically important in severe cases.

    Both medicines, and others, could have been/could be used to save hundreds of thousands of lives but weren’t/aren’t ; THAT is the greatest human unnecessary tragedy.