Rand Paul Challenges Blinken on Ukraine

Yesterday, Republican Senator Rand Paul challenged Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on the Biden Administration’s narratives surrounding Russia and Ukraine.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. I can't believe how anyone can believe anything coming out of Washington. The way they talk is so childish and devoid of any sort of reason whatsoever that you'd have to be super dumb to believe anything they say.

  2. Blinken banging on about meaningful negotiations – the UN Minsk accord is what should have implemented. Both blinken and Paul omit to mention a civil war where Ukrainians were and are still now killing Ukrainians, this has been ongoing for eight years, zelensky has been theoretically in power for sometime, what has he done to stop the civil war other than run on a platform for peace.

  3. I strongly suggest you look into Brendon O'Connell's work and get the massive narrative never mentioned but involved always in current geopolitics..
    The high technology theft and critical infrastructure infiltration and control..

  4. I'm one of those booji boomers Primo likes to blame everything on.
    Can't get thru a show withoutc ageist bullshit. Do you actually know anyone over 60 or do you base your views only on what you see on the internet???

  5. The US military since its inception has been the continuation of the crusades..the world island(McKinder) IS The russian heartland..he who controls the heartland controls the world..purely on resources…the eurasian superstates plan needs USA to leave the area..something it seems the USA has decided to cancel and is now embarrassingly trying to steal at all costs…global resource ownership signs and seals it.

  6. Again who benefits from a new member joining NATO? The arms industry. Every new member is expected to buy arms to equip itself for defense. NATO is indirectly fighting Russia by supplying arms to Ukraine and training Ukrainians.

  7. Russia went into Ukraine was Ukraine, despite signing, ignored both Minsk agreements. It had stepped-up attacks on break away Donestk and Luhansk close to Russia recognizing them and they were asking Russia to intervene. Neo Nazis were targeting Russian speaking Ukrainians.

  8. Nobody ever mentions James Corbett when talking about people who've been banned from YouTube and he had one the best channels on the site. Fortunately he's still creating content on his website but YouTube will delete my comment if write the name of his site.

    It's only a matter of time before anyone challenging the corporate media narrative is banned from this gargabe platform. I realize that I should stop using YouTube so often but daily habits are hard to break and there are few people who only upload here, so….

  9. Another great show Primo – Thanks! No one in the store was masked – Why pick on this guy? Only republicans could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Why is there no conversation about the bio labs? April 21st, Yellen states US sending $500M to pay Ukrainian government. Ukraine is rich in oil and minerals but I'm sure that has nothing to do with the war. This is and has always been a US proxy war with Russia.

  10. Russia didn't attack Georgia. Russia intervened in a conflict between Georgia and two breakaway regions (Abkhazia and South Ossetia), where Ossetia (already de facto independent) was engaging in provocations and Georgia escalated by invading. The overall arc of the conflict closely resembles how the Ukraine war unfolded. The Washington playbook uses the same template over and over.

  11. Perhaps most importantly: The US was never part of the US. All added parts, including the very first colony were all stolen from their REAL and ORIGINAL OWNERS.. who have been almost completely exterminated.

  12. Rand COULD and SHOULD have been a lot harsher…. the Uranium Clinton Sold off, the Oil siphoned off the pipeline by Dem controlled Nazis, all the Million a year no work contracts for senator's sons… the planted pro american president and most important of all the GENOCIDEAL BIOLABS FUNDED IN PART BY THE BIDEN FAMILY!! What more do you need for an arch villain of humanity?

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