Rand Paul Interview: It’s Not About Health… It’s About CONDITIONING | Louder With Crowder

Rand Paul calls in to discuss covid social conditioning and vaci…. wait a second someone else is calling in unannounced?! OH NO!

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“Eat My Butt”


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  1. Here's a question i haven't heard
    The people doing this are guilty of TREASON
    Nuremberg 2.0 begins when?
    Dr. Anthony Fauci believes he is UNTOUCHABLE….
    I saw a movie once… Something with an elevator i think and the world Touchable in blood with the body at the end of the word 'Touchable…" am i remembering correctly?
    The Vaccine AND! Booster = COSTLY MISTAKE Dr. Rand Paul push for an AUDIT 🙂
    How come there hasn't been a cure for the past 100 years to the FLU
    How come there hasn't been a cure for the past 50 years to CANCER
    but they can come up with a vaccine in 10 months for covid and trust the science just take the vaccines and endless boosters dummies…. RIGHT?

    Liberals are not interested in finding natural immunity and antibodies toward a CURE… a CURE nobody makes money…
    Poor Poor Fauci without making profits pushing for the sales of vaccines and boosters, would harm his stocks in the big pharma companies. Also the more they are on this hobby of forcing vaccines into people… nobody is busy looking into the crimes of creating this disease in a lab and 'accidentally' releasing it into the general population outside of the lab. Hopefully investigations are taking place right now so when this all ends these traitors can face justice facing Nuremberg Code crimes.

    Conditioning about Submission comes with the Caviat of the 2nd amendment. Keep away from me with the needle or receive a bullet.
    Not sure what they are conditioning if people will become more and more ok with this solution to government becoming far too involved with who submits and who doesn't.
    Liberals can back off or CIVIL WAR 2.0

  2. I give up – all these politicians talk obsessively about vaccinations – endless variations and endless jabs. So even Rand Paul has to go along with the vaccination talking points. It's the same with the global warming/climate change scam ALL the politicians will endlessly talk about how we have lowered our emissions and China hasn't. There is no problem with co2 yet they all use it as a talking point instead of being honest. Sick of them all.

  3. Imagine if you will…. a drug cartel so large and so powerful that it would require every single person in a large country take its drug or face punishment. Welcome to the twilight zone.

  4. I wonder if Trump was in and was demanding 3 jabbos and 33 booster shots I wonder what rands thought would be? You do understand neither sides are truth tellers!

  5. You imagine a senator 20 years ago telling you your government(that he is more privy to) is conditioning you to submit and almost half of the country going "well when has the government ever lied to me?"…I swear if I don't wake up here in a minute I'm gonna lose my 💩 😆

  6. It has been ordained. COVID-19 is part of a 20-50-year plan for us. In the short-term, COVID is not going away until all have been exposed, infected and impacted by it. Epi-genetics is bio-social manipulation by stealth. Aims are to nurture bio-social engineering to alter human consciousness through the adjustment caused by this disease. Human consciousness will shift away from the new age levels of self-awareness and creative and golden ages, propelled now towards a fine-tuned albeit limited style of self-awareness. This is the start of the Genetic Age. The medium-term goal is to create a compliant population through consent. Those aged 50+ will semi shield for the next 20 years until they die. Those aged 40-50 who have been infected, the survivors will spend the rest of their years reminiscing the past golden age free from fear and infection. The lost generation born into the 20-year COVID driven era will emerge socially disabled due to lack of experience of social complexity and associated diminished meta- cognition. They will have a reduced ability to read facial expressions of others as a result of continued mask wearing and through the limitations of online socializing. Their parents will exist alongside them as breeders and child minders. Future generations will be vulnerable and easily pliable enough to be molded into subservience with little resistance. These future generations will embrace socialist style directives where dictator working establishments can rule. The long-term goal is a limited state of consciousness resulting with the end of capitalism ushering in an age of micromanaged populations. A future where children are shielded and cannot hug herd or play freely together. A future where social boundary adherence is now filmed in situ and punished according to a new creed. An age of infection, behavioral control and fear where humans have lost their extraordinary humanity. The beautiful exotic humanity that we have enjoyed for the past 5000 years is gone forever. In its place genetically cultured docile humans’ bred to serve the masters purpose. The Oracle has spoken. VooDooTube…

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