Rand Paul: “More Children Have Died From Suicide Than From COVID”

At a town hall on COVID-19 policy in Kentucky, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) condemned “one-size-fits-all” lockdown policies, and pointed to the effects of school closures on children.

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  1. Maybe if we, as a country, didn't torment our children with the idea that they'll go to hell for things like being gay or touching themselves or that if they don't have children instead of doing what they want in life they're spoiled and selfish, and then on top of that not give them many ways to reach out about the issues they're having because we also view suicide and even just the consideration of suicide or being anything other than straight as a mortal sin, we wouldn't be having all these goddamn teen suicides.

    Maybe if Rand Paul would handle those problems instead of using teen suicides as a political football to knock the covid experts who were trying to help the country we might actually stop viewing him as anything other than a shiftless, feckless monster groveling to old people in Kentucky for votes

  2. And most of those suicides that you mentioned are lynchings that are homicides, but in order to keep the racist WS status quo the law enforcement continue their narratives calling them suicide but we know who they hang in ? s for they've done this for decades, but in order to protect the assailants they keep calling it suicide. Most of us who know their history knows that these are homicides. ???

  3. Also mothers who have their kids learning from home have been impacted greatly. Their husbands not so much as the homecare responsibilities still lie with the woman

  4. By no means are Ron or Rand perfect – no one is claiming that, least of all them.

    But let's be honest for once: America, or what's left of her, doesn't deserve either man. Besides, if 100 million people voted for Rand in 2024, 102 million mystery votes would show up in a fleet of UPS trucks at 4.30 in the morning of Election Night, with no downmarket races voted on, and every single ballot cast would be for whoever the other guy happened to be.

    It's that kind of a country now. Our days of looking down our noses at comically-corrupt Third World banana republics are over.

  5. Proud to say I'm well over 65 and haven't been vaccinated since I was a child. That's one of the reasons I attribute to the fact that I didn't get COVID despite never wearing a mask outdoors.

  6. Talk talk talk and nothing gets done the gov has infringed on our rights we have a faulty gov and a docile people. Bad times are ahead.

  7. Rand Paul is not just a politician talking out his butt but he's a physician so I wish people would take his criticism of how this virus is being handled more seriously.

  8. I'll just repeat the headline that stays eveything our despicable & guilty media WILL NOT! " More children have died from suiside than from covid". Shame shame shame!

  9. This was all done and encouraged by Democrats mainly to destroy America from within. Fauci ,China and their minions are behind all this.

  10. This is a scamdemic. Look at World Economic Forum Great Reset. This is to consolidate power, control over resources, control over people, wealth extraction and consolidation, and a complete restructuring of societies worldwide, which equals destruction of freedom and liberty. They are creating a worldwide slave class to their technological revolution aka The Fourth Industrial Revolution. We will be slaves in a digital prison system, what's left of us, that is. They want the singularity and a hive mind. Sounds crazy, because it is, but that's something else they are after. We are in the largest human experiment to ever take place in world history and they are getting away with it. Dont take the fake injections. It isnt for your health…

  11. There was and is an agenda to destroy the country and make billions owning stock in big pharma.And Bill Gates is a eugenic killer with vaccines part of the plan

  12. It's all based on testing.Unreliable tests producing cases and people dying WITH,not FROM covid.It's like you having a cereals for breakfast and dying within 28 days from any other cause,but saying you died because of having cereals for breakfast… It's all scam.

  13. Senator Paul, one of the only politicians that truly cares about people. And yet, a demonrat neighbor of his attacked him. That an example of how insane the left have become.

  14. What???? You mean TRUMP was telling the truth about suicides? You mean the "Perpetual Lock Down" cure was actually WORSE than the Disease??? If TRUMP was telling the truth, then who was perpetuating the lie????

  15. Those pundits who have caused so much deaths and suicides due to their ridiculous mask mandates and closing of schools and Public Institutions must be investigated. Justice must prevail and those with hideous agendas must be exposed in Jesus name! Amen and Amen!