Rand Paul On Rising: Fauci Is A LIAR, Scientists CONDEMN Wuhan Gain-Of-Function Research

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) weighs in on COVID-19 origins and NIH gain-of-function research.

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  1. What Paul's doing on the question about VA medical benefits is answering with a long, sophisticated version of the " but how you going to pay for it?" argument . That politicians always respond with when it's not one of the bipartisan issues that they collaborate the past like the ever and ballooning military budget and causing wars and regime change around the world and of course depriving us of our constitutional rights to privacy. They only ask how you going to pay for it? When it's something for us instead of any of those things that always get bipartisan support. Almost nobody in Washington ever asks how are we going to pay for the now trillion dollar military budget we have each year. And in fact it's never subjected to the paygo thing at all and I'm betting and nobody ever checks but I'm betting that just the military budget alone partly goes on the yearly deficit that we accrue into the national debt because I don't think I'm pretty sure United States is never especially after all the tax cuts since what Reagan? I'm pretty sure that this country does not collect nearly a trillion dollars in taxes each year. Conveniently nobody ever asked that questions and it's never answered I do and I'm asking you all right now why don't y'all find out does the United States actually ever collect a trillion dollars to fund even one aspect the military budget what is it the ndaa? Each year? How come you journalists never find that out or publicize it don't you think you should? It should be very simple to find out.

  2. it is sad that the Hill now is desepate to regain legitimacy after they forced Kim of the program. You made a mistake… If you had given Kim the chance to interview Fauci…. you could have helped change the world…..

  3. Why don't we just stop playing the game and assume China has already annexed Taiwan. What would we have wished we'd done? Probably offer civil society stuff, like refugee and industrial relocation services. Let's just do that and move on. Nobody wants a US-China conflict.

  4. If there was any justice in the world then Fauci would at least stand trial so we could get all of the evidence out in the open and let a jury of his peers decide if he's one of history's great mass murderers.

  5. I disagree with Paul on some of his healthcare and social policies, but I'm totally on board with him when it comes to wars and military spending. Regardless, I've always got the impression he's acting in good faith and that he's a good guy overall, so I'd vote for him anyway despite some of my disagreements with him.

    I was disappointed when he dropped out of the 2016 race. I was so hoping it would be Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders in the Presidential election so we could all hear them debate their ideas.

  6. Fauci is double talking out of both sides of his face! Twisting words meanings, redefine. He doesn't want to be held accountable!
    We have lost a lot of lives because of him!
    Most likely will lose a lot more lives because of him!

  7. Lol! They bring on a guest to interview him about Fauci and Fauci’s lies and outright crimes, when Fauci was just here and they just let him spew lie after lie with ZERO pushback.

  8. You know, this was a really good idea! Bring on another guest and interview him to bring important facts about the Fauci “interview” you did so he can state the things that no one asked when the guy you’re interviewing the other guy about was here! Why didn’t I think of that!?

  9. Halpert seems unaware of what fallacies are. She isn’t entering into debate with the attitude that there is nothing new she might learn. Weak, She seems to think she knows it all and when it becomes obvious that she doesn’t, ad hominem attacks are sure to follow. She’s a partisan hack with zero self awareness. More Yang, less clueless Marxist.

  10. Having one of Dr Fauci's biggest "useful idiots" on to interview Senator Paul was classic. She bought into every single line Fauci said hook line and sinker for over 2 years. Her face the entire interview said it all. She should've apologized to Paul for her willful ignorance but instead she tried to change the subject to make him look bad and it backfired in spectacular fashion. I'm guessing her false bravado did not take a hit though sadly

  11. Kim has already gotten 1,000,000 views on her YouTube channel alone this week! That’s not including her channels on Locals, Rokfin, Sovren and Rumble, the censorship free platforms. The people know where it’s at. Nothing beats honest an honest, ACTUALLY independent journalist who follows the facts. Thank you all for snubbing her. She’s been bringing us unvarnished facts all week and it’s JUST what the doctor ordered!

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