Rand Paul on whether there’s ‘criminal culpability’ regarding Dr. Fauci

Sen. Rand Paul says Dr. Fauci can’t be the one to investigate COVID-19 origins on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’  #FoxNews #Ingraham

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  1. The USA is run by criminals…….can’t help thinking also of Kerry, the head of the fbi (cant think his name) so many other lies and people that walk free……it is so horrible, look how this mans actions have impacted the world, look how weird the WHO has been, I just cannot believe how all our lives have been devastated, our businesses ruined, jobs taken, lives terrorised. Weep, weep weep.

  2. Fauci with China and Bill Gates released the virus #1 to get rid of Trump because China is losing on the trade war and the Democrats wants Trump out at all cost, #2 Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world by 20% because of global warming. China released it then hide it with the help of Fauci and Gates

  3. What about something that actually could have made a difference….like that interview Trump had with Bob Woodward??? When we had a chance of putting some fear into people and mitigating the 600k deaths

  4. I learned it was a gain of function research by listening to a Joe Rogan podcast and it sounded pretty convincing to me. But my question to Fox News and the whole conservative crowd is: why President Trump when he was president and could access the whole government secrets, didn’t publicly disclose it was a gain of function and funded and monitored by US government. For the all simple minds there who think Fauci is going to be thrown under the bus, let me tell you Fauci is not a stupid person. Count that he already has an insurance policy in place. He is not gonna be thrown under the bus by Democrats, but if republicans want to get him out he might reveal he told president Trump about gain of function and he didn’t allow him to disclose that. You should know where the chain of command ends: by president, not ahead of CDC.

  5. Good work Laura and Rand, but here's your words of wisdom for the day. The Insane in the Left Brain is we treat the CCP China like an ally and economic partner, fund them, and yet they are literally like the Soviets of the USSR, and Russia today is not, so we the US are partnering and coupling the US economy to someone back in the Cold War would have treated like the Soviets, or should have, and today that remains true as you see there is chicanery and obfuscation, and allowing the Fox to worm its way into the Hen House. The insanity is those in real power and authority don't hold this perception, and are the ones who make policy which literally endangers not only the US but the whole world. I'd say that is slightly beyond mere national security.

  6. They didnt even try to mask it lol it happened in wuhan right where there just so happened to coincidently be the wuhan virology lab hahah

  7. This all is starting to add up to a plan to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of American lives to alter an presidential election, Dr. Fauci needs to be locked up and the key thrown away.

  8. The masses is still asleep, it was all staged, in 2015 or 2016 fauci stated in the next administration will experience a virus outbreak, in late 2019 event 201 was released ,presently fauci emails is leaked and yet what more is needed to wake up the sheeples to come out of the matrix

  9. Why do u think china want to bring down america so bad? Because the us government is evil and run my illuminati deep state pedos, china will do everything they can to take down america even if it means having a communist government they know that with communism they have complete control of their people

  10. All those in power who pushed for the vaccine and locked down agenda should be held responsible for crimes against humanity

  11. As it looks like the US was collaborating with the Chinese to create this virus.I am European thought maybe the rest of the world should sue the US and China but how about this

  12. We have 11 of these Gain of Function labs in the US? These need to be closed immediately, and all funding needs to be traced, and criminal investigations need to begin. I'll bet Fauci has his fingers in all of them.

  13. Fire the TREASONIST Faux-chee… he is a liar and in bed with Gates and China.. Event 201 Oct 18 2019 and Thousand Talent recruitment scam.. Demand charges and a refund of wages to the PEOPLE

  14. They’ve been denying and evidence has been out there for almost a year!!!!!! And we still listen to this liar!

  15. Why was everyone! saying Pres Trump would have a PANDEMIC to deal with in his term. HOW THE HELL DID Gates, Fauci, Obama know this but they ALL said it! Only stupid blind sheep have believed even one word any of these characters have said about COVID. They ALL PLANNED it!