Rand Paul Seeks CRIMINAL Probe Into Dr. Fauci, Paul is RIGHT NIH DID Fund Wuhan Lab And Here’s Proof

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  1. You best start believing conspiracies Tim, you're in one.
    No but seriously, this ones looking more like it was done on purpose to cull and control the population more than ever.

  2. Rand Paul, the guy that took a personal handwritten letter from Trump to Putin on July 4th 2018 rather than spend independence day in the USA, that guy?

  3. Its the same game they ran on Trump when he said "they are spying on me" they said spying doesn't exist we "unmasked" you. Ill go one even better " I did not have sex with that girl!" We all forgot bj isn't sex.

  4. Lying = attempt to deceive

    Was he trying to deceive with his first statement or was he confused about "gain of function" meaning?

    One makes him a liar, the other makes him incompetent.

  5. I’ve read every email of Fauci’s that I could get my hands on so to speak. And semantics aside, he is lying and outside of the CCP and their scientists, Fauci is responsible

  6. Rand Paul is right, but Fauci will never be convicted of anything, he probably won't even be charged for this. If he's charged I'll be surprised.
    BTW, Fauci is now taking credit for "Operation Warp Speed".

  7. In the beginning, it was clear to me that the virus escaped from the Wuhan virology lab. I dismissed those saying the virus was intentionally engineered. Now, it’s apparent that not only was it engineered, but the US funded it making the once insane sounding claims of the Chinese government that the US released it in their country sound like what actually happened. Technically, of course the US didn’t release it, but we paid for it to be made in China where it escaped. Semantics, but the original Chinese accusation seems far more accurate than the crap our government has been feeding to us.

  8. So death totals go up about 1.8 percent a year. And did again. However all years from 16 to 19 had almost the exact number now.

  9. in that paper they talk about AMPLIFYING SPIKE PROTEIN AND RECONSTRUCTING THE GENOME TO MAKE THE VIRUS GAIN FUNCTIONS – Fauci still says it is not gain of function