Rand Paul SPARS With Antony Blinken Over NATO’s Expansionist Goals In Ukraine

Kim Iversen and Robby Soave react to yesterday’s Congressional testimony from U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

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  1. Like the Vietnam War just without American troops. We're using Ukraine troops instead… Ukraine civilians are the defensive ones suffering the most. So unnecessary…

  2. Your definition of flustered is very different from mine, lol. I watched almost all of that interaction(not your snippet) & Blinken wasn't "flustered", what Rand said doesn't matter. Ukraine was once ruled by the Polish & Lithuanians & Hungary as well but that doesn't give them anymore rights to invade than it does Russia
    Edit: spelling

  3. American politicians – every nation has the right to decide their alliances and foreign policy.
    Also American politicians – the Monroe Doctrine!

  4. hey Rob think people should be able to chose their destiny you say then i assume your all for the Donetsk and Luhansk people right to self determination and you are against the Ukrainian regime for shelling its own people and starting this war

  5. Why have peace talks with Russia, who invaded, if they’re having success against Russia? Ukraine wasn’t given much of a chance in defending itself.

    The end people want to this war is Russia losing, not peace talks. When Russia leaves, not when they come to the peace table.

    Ukraine was invaded, so, they’re not wrong to fight back.

  6. Zelenskyy got a staggering 70% of the vote on a platform for ending the war (which has been going on for eight years now) and making peace with the Russians. This would suggest that the popular will of Ukraine is in fact not to fight Russia to the death, but rathe to coexist with them. And it would also suggest that the general Ukrainian population understands that it is Ukraine that has been provoking the conflict, and could easily avoid it by stopping the provocations. And Zelenskyy's popularity dropped to 20% when he reneged on this and started aggressive military actions against the Russian areas of Ukraine and Crimea. We're also on shaky ground talking about "self-determination" when the whole war started as a consequence of a coup that we organized. Powerful foreign countries installing your govt is kind of the opposite of self-determination.

    As far as I can tell, so far Russia's actions have been quite consistent with their stated war goals: preventing NATO membership and destroying Ukraine's ability to militarily threaten the Russian areas of Ukraine and Russia itself. If we're going to have an intelligent discussion about what might happen going forward, I think we need to at least acknowledge that this might actually be what the Russians are trying to do, rather than just state that they're obviously trying to absorb the entire country.

  7. Looking at the NATO expansion coming to the borders of Russia, Putin has a responsibility to protect the vast land of Russia. Remember, all these NATO members will have access to nukes.

  8. ZELENSKY is already asking for billions to rebuild Ukraine, Let him spend his personal wealth to rebuild, HE CAUSED THIS DISASTER !!! ANY politician that votes to give Ukraine another dime, should be voted OUT !!!!

  9. In the eighties we accessed Russian military strength only to discover it was much less than we thought. If we don't have an enemy we cant spend billions on the military industrial complex. So we say Ukraine has the sovereign right to join nato and south America can become socialist like Argentina and the south can secede from the Union.

  10. I can see Kim, that your opinion are, that also Finland where I'm born can be taken by Russia because HISTORICALLY we belonged earlier to Russia?!?!?! Then Mongols have all the rights to take Russia, as Russia was HISTORICALLY a part of their empire. This is completely a ridiculous opinion….we live in 2022 and not in HISTORY and we should not support, not even understand a power hungry DICTATOR who try to grab the sovereignty from other countries, by killing children, raping women and flattening whole towns to the ground, only to fulfill his dream of a new Soviet Union and his HISTORICAL views.

  11. I didn't see any video of America distribution food medicine and others emergency humanitarian aid in Ukraine . what I seeing America sending modern weapons . after second world war every Americans president war criminal . america still living 500 years back only difference is new dress up democracy . only war anyhow

  12. Kim pretends to care about Ukrainians but she is also using them as a political tool. The stories and angles she takes says it all. Why not interview a refugee?

  13. Of course these countries "have a right" to join NATO, but Cuba also "had a right" to allow Russia to put missiles on their island in 1962. Just because a country has a right to do something doesn't mean it is a prudent decision, especially when it concerns escalating a conflict between two nuclear-armed countries.

  14. Kim is saying Ukraine has not tried negotiate. On the contrary, they were ready to sign a lot of the demands of Russia including not joining NATO but this is was a land grab from Putin all along. It had little to do with NATO and I totally disagree with you Putin not wanting to take KYIV at the beginning of the war. You don’t send your best special forces and best hardware as some kind diversion like many people are selling. The fact is Putin wanted to take the whole of Ukraine but failed to take KYIV with big price especially some of his elite unites like 331st regiment from Kastroma and now that he came to the realization that KYIV is hard to take he wants to grab whatever he can of Ukraine 🇺🇦 before he stops. What he is not counting on is that Ukraine will for sure continue fighting for every inch of their land and possibly continue hitting targets in Russia as long as they are capable and as long as Russia 🇷🇺 is in Ukrainian territory. The issue about Ukraine being divided country before Russia 🇷🇺 invaded is grossly misrepresented. Like many countries, Ukraine had ideological differences but they never fired at each other until Russia 🇷🇺 invaded Crimea and armed rebels in Donbas. If you want to sound credible then you should may be report all facts.

  15. Bull Austin: speed for war has always been a trail of Biden soup, all messed up ingredients and no taste of sense. It is like lawlessness in Afghanistan: Russia is a lawless country as China and all those that follows lawlessness. We cannot win without GOD, Almighty One. GOD is the GREAT, I AM, forevermore, not man. HALLELUJAH, AMEN.

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