Rania Khalek responds to Ana Kasparian

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL #237, journalist Rania Khalek responds to a recent statement by Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks (TYT) that Rania needs to do more fact-checking on her reporting. We also discuss the rift that seems to be now dividing the Left.

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Written by Primo Radical


  1. Cenk, Anna andTYT no longer exist. Cenk and Anna are really lizard people pretending to be Cenk and Anna.
    Be afraid be very afraid stay away from them.

  2. "How can someone do ______________________ and call themselves on the Left?"

    The Left for 100+ years: Have you not paid attention? We only say this stuff, but our actions tell another tale.
    (39 years old and I still am amused at how "The Left" are SHOCKED to see how "The Left" maneuvers and has been maneuvering all my (and their) life)

  3. TYT has very early video footage where they do revenge porn reviews of illegal unsolicited and unconsented pictures of celebrities and Cenk would literally do a worse version than what Mark Suckerberg was doing with Facemash when he was sharing pictures of classmates for money and basically traffic someone’s reputation and it’s all so dehumanizing and immoral as hell. TYT is a garbage fire and so is the intercept.

  4. Yeah Ana is the typical upper middle-class neo liberal just extremely out of touch, entitled and thinks she has all the answers.

  5. The Dorothy Parker comment, "You can lead a Horticulture but you cannot make her think", could almost have been written for Anna Kasperian.

  6. Love that distinction of being a boots on the ground reporter versus commentator. We need both, but one is first hand knowledge, the other is 2nd hand info.

  7. how can someone like ana kasparian teach a journalism class in america? she is an anchor – she has no clue what journalism is…
    when u say, someone should get his facts straigt – u at least have to tell, where u think, the person has said something wrong. its obvious ana doesnt know what she is talking about. i stopped watching TYT after #force the vote…

  8. I never got into tyt.
    Something about it just seemed off to me. And then when Cenk was on msnbc I thought he’d sold out. And then he left msnbc, but not really, bc tyt was on Pluto which iirc was partially owned by nbc.
    I never really held them in a lot of esteem

  9. Pro Empire Left is not left at all. What's Left about them? The fact that they oppose bigotry? That's not a very high bar, even if it's always a sincere belief, which it doesn't seem to be.

  10. Anti-war, anti-censorship, or anti-petrochemical economy–nobody who has those views is allowed to have opinions; after all, they're probably Russian agents.

  11. Popular "broadcast media" in our USA is ghost written by CIA. I mean ALL OF IT. It's a 24/7 USO Tour for military brats. That's all. Only listen to FOREIGN VOICES. That's 95% of humanity. Due to language differences and history, It's harder for Europeans and Asians to lie. Isolated Americans and Aussies are fed daily diets of lies. Good luck!

  12. Not that I matter but I’ve subscribed to your channel PR because you’re on the right side of decency! Rania is just the type of journalist that that TyT has decided to go after, truthful, honest hard working boots in the spots that matter anti-establishment anti-war badass’s!

  13. "Split"? No, there never has been anything in common between imperialists and antimperialists. If anyone helping the empire — meaning essentially any and all "Democrats" — call themselves "left, progressive, etc.", it only indicates that they are more dangerous than their franker "right" imperialists.

  14. The left propaganda peddlers like TYT wouldn’t matter if it were a game show, or a “”reality”” show even. I’m sure if it came to court they would plead such, as Fox News and NSMBC have successfully done. But whether or not its literal or fiction, it DOES matter. Because even if only one person is wrongfully influenced by their production, it’s one too many.

  15. I am sure that many "liberal" or "progressive" channels are run or controled by the intelligence community. That's how they opperate in all countries under all governments. They try to subjugate the opposition and dissidents from the inside and outside.

  16. Kasparian is a fake journalist.

    I suppose TYT – like Maddow – is depraved entertainment rather than news and current affairs.

    Remember a court of law decided Maddow presents opinion and gossip as an entertainment. NOT NEWS. Maddow is a stenographer. An “influencer”.

  17. I have submitted to Webster's dictionary about a term that should be widely accepted and it's called being Kasparianed. I think they'll accept it.

  18. 1)The pseudo-left is anti-socialist, opposes class struggle, and denies the central role of the working class in progressive transformation of society.

    2)The economic program of the pseudo-left is essentially pro-capitalist and nationalistic.

    3)Pseudo-left promotes “identity politics” on nationality, ethnicity, race, gender and sexuality issues to obtain greater influence in corporations, colleges, universities, higher-paying professions, trade unions, government and state institutions.

    4)Pseudo-left strive for a favorable distribution of wealth among the richest 10 percent of the population; seeks greater access to – rather than destruction of – social privilege.

    5)In the imperialist centers of North America, Western Europe and Australasia, the pseudo-left is generally pro-imperialist, and utilizes the slogans of “human rights” to legitimize, and even directly support, neo-colonialist military operations.

  19. A defamation suit prompted a judgment describing the Rachel Maddow show as all opinion and gossip as entertainment and NOT NEWS. Maddow is a stenographer. An “influencer”.

    I suppose TYT – like Maddow – is depraved entertainment rather than news and current affairs.

  20. Rania, you are being far too rational and logical in your response to #karenkasparian. You are a gem and such a powerhouse in this arena – anyone who #karenkasparian manages to convince doesn't deserve to even know the truth. As TYT diminishes, you and your cohort will be rising to the top and I'm excited as hell about it.

  21. They are AIPACs puppets – Creepy Joe " Hey you dont need to be a Jew to be a Zionist , Hell man look at me " If that dont show whos hands up these puppets arse ????

  22. There was a time when TYT wanted to do investigative journalism and hire new reports for that matter. Looks like this ship has sailed. Whatever happened to the 20M bucks TYT received from Katzenberg? Where did they put that money in?

  23. I started watching TYT about 7 years ago. Never ONCE have I heard anything insightful from Ana Kasparian. Cenk was really the entire tyt thing. Cenk aside, all Kasparian can ever do is mouth the neo-liberal cliche's over and over. She has never once brought historical perspective to an issue, because she is uneducated in history. Cenk hired her as a partner back when he was vying to be the next Howard Stern. That should tell you who Kasparian is – a faux Robin.